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Newbie Guides & FAQ

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  Introduction of Weapons Attachment Helfox2013-04-250 / 10022013-04-25 02:52by Helfox
  Introduction of Skills Attachment Helfox2013-04-250 / 9212013-04-25 02:44by Helfox
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  【Guide】Boss Challenging Mode Helfox2013-06-190 / 12682013-06-19 23:36by Helfox
  Introduction of Weapons----ShotGun Attachment Helfox2013-04-220 / 10422013-04-22 01:46by Helfox
  Introduction of Weapons----SMG Attachment Helfox2013-04-220 / 13842013-04-22 01:31by Helfox
  Introduction of Weapons----Pistol Attachment Helfox2013-04-220 / 9762013-04-22 00:56by Helfox
  Introduction of Weapons----Sniper Rifle Attachment Helfox2013-04-220 / 12752013-04-22 00:40by Helfox
Icon26 Introduction of Weapons----Assault Rifle Attachment Helfox2013-04-220 / 13132013-04-22 00:14by Helfox
  FC---FAQ Attachment Bella2013-02-220 / 14522013-02-22 00:48by Bella
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