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  We are having a brand new platform for you, come and see now!!! Attachment Albert2014-12-043 / 3282014-12-17 14:24by MolosWolf
  【HOT EVENT】Halloween Dress up Party Attachment   1 2 Miley2014-10-2911 / 22412014-11-03 09:56by BaDMaN
  The 100th Server Celerbration in General War admin2014-09-151 / 9992014-10-15 00:01by Panther
  【Servers adjustment announcement】05/09/2014 Attachment michelleliu2014-09-059 / 14012014-10-08 01:53by Panther
  【How to Play and Recharge on our Official Site】 Attachment   1 2 admin2013-10-0710 / 99542014-08-25 04:48by rover
  【Land Rush is back! 16/10】 Attachment admin2013-10-163 / 27872014-05-31 15:26by ausmpw
  【Colosseum】 Attachment admin2013-10-163 / 24812014-05-17 16:04by MolosWolf
  【New System: Membership 25/11】 admin2013-11-251 / 33972014-02-21 06:58by deamonic
  【Monthly Event only in December】Special Extra Feedback admin2014-12-125 / 10582014-12-15 13:26by bobby.george27
  【GW】 Updates 10/12 admin2014-12-100 / 2012014-12-10 00:22by admin
  【New Updated Events & Extra Events】 admin2014-11-190 / 26972014-11-19 06:21by admin
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  Emergency supplies but only 17 hours admin2014-12-183 / 2792014-12-18 12:43by MOOLE
  Huge Recharge Rebate in Christmas season Attachment admin2014-12-172 / 7732014-12-17 06:20by BARCODE
  Hot Event【24 Hours Resource Rebate】 admin2014-12-092 / 8092014-12-17 00:51by hustler
  【3-days Event】 Gold Joy only for this weekend Attachment admin2014-12-120 / 1692014-12-12 01:54by admin
  New Oceania Server is Online admin2014-12-110 / 602014-12-11 02:04by admin
  [New server]Finally we have the new Oceanic server again! Albert2014-12-101 / 922014-12-10 05:27by BaDMaN
  The "stingy" GW finally became generous this time!(Just note) Albert2014-12-033 / 1972014-12-05 20:25by hiracarter
  Solution for some Login Issues Attachment admin2014-12-053 / 1622014-12-05 16:51by Shaner31
  Hot Event:New Total Recharge for Thanksgiving Attachment admin2014-11-270 / 3782014-11-27 04:38by admin
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