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  [Hot Event]Consume improvement files&get better return! admin2017-10-110 / 3602017-10-11 00:03by admin
  [Fresh Monday]Conquer campaigns with 100% buildup roar! admin2017-10-080 / 4462017-10-08 23:53by admin
  [Weekend Event]No one will refuse this gold rebate chance! admin2017-10-061 / 3842017-10-07 00:23by admin
  [Hot Event]100% gold rebate! Only in the Chinese National Day. admin2017-09-291 / 3492017-10-01 03:05by admin
  [7days Event]Daily recharge to win extra reward! admin2017-09-291 / 2922017-10-01 03:03by admin
  [Final Call]Your dream comes true now! admin2017-09-292 / 4572017-09-29 22:40by admin
  NEW items introduction 09/28/2017 admin2017-09-271 / 4862017-09-27 23:59by admin
  [Encore]Be a lucky man and get 10X Gold Pack! admin2017-09-260 / 3152017-09-26 01:03by admin
  [Weekend Event]The perfect time to get Equip Blueprints! admin2017-09-220 / 5292017-09-22 23:32by admin
  [HOT Event]Be a lucky man and get 10X Gold Pack! admin2017-09-220 / 3152017-09-22 00:13by admin
  【GW】Update 20th Sep. admin2017-09-200 / 2722017-09-20 00:56by admin
  [Weekend Event]Equip Season--the Chongming Bird set takes the lead! admin2017-09-142 / 4542017-09-17 09:23by SadSack
  [Weekend Event]No one will refuse this gold rebate chance! admin2017-09-081 / 4232017-09-14 01:05by admin
  【GW】Update 13th Sep. admin2017-09-130 / 3132017-09-13 00:26by admin
  [HOT Event]Big time! UP TO 50% OFF for General Integration admin2017-09-021 / 4142017-09-03 08:01by admin
  [Weekend event]Get your lucky bag in labor day weekend! admin2017-09-021 / 7872017-09-02 01:05by admin
  [Final Call]Make a big wish for your army! admin2017-08-300 / 5492017-08-30 00:43by admin
  [Weekend Event]The perfect time to get this Blueprint! admin2017-08-262 / 4252017-08-28 07:53by AlenGentry
  [Hot Event]The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd is delivering lucky bags! admin2017-08-261 / 5112017-08-28 00:17by admin
  [Friday Fun]Everyone needs battle items! admin2017-08-250 / 6872017-08-25 00:11by admin
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