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  [Final Call]This is the best gift for the hardworking February! admin2018-02-260 / 4812018-02-26 02:31by admin
  [Weekend Event]No one will refuse this gold rebate chance! admin2018-02-250 / 1182018-02-25 18:55by admin
  [Hot Event]Not enjoying the "unlucky" draw? Let's make a deal! admin2018-02-171 / 2512018-02-17 02:45by admin
  [Fresh Monday]NO MORE FUSION, Get Equip directly! admin2018-02-170 / 1212018-02-17 02:44by admin
  [Hot Event]Best "9999" wishes for you, commander! admin2018-02-141 / 3022018-02-16 01:21by admin
  [Valentine Event]100% Gold rebate for you and lovers! admin2018-02-141 / 2902018-02-14 01:42by admin
  [Fresh Monday]No one will refuse this gold rebate chance! admin2018-02-101 / 2312018-02-12 06:18by ZimbrulD
  [Weekend Event]Complete tasks to get ultimate troop/general! admin2018-02-102 / 2842018-02-10 03:22by admin
  [Hot Event]Gold Rebate Event for Equip Fusion! admin2018-01-201 / 2602018-02-10 03:21by admin
  [Friday Fun]UP to +60% SDA Camouflage new item for you. admin2018-02-090 / 1952018-02-09 01:13by admin
  [Hot Event]Complete tasks to upgrade S.Gen for free! admin2018-02-070 / 3422018-02-07 02:33by admin
  [Fresh Monday]Odd or Even? It's your choice! admin2018-02-031 / 2412018-02-05 02:15by admin
  [Hot Event]The new skill general is waiting for you. admin2018-02-030 / 2002018-02-03 01:58by admin
  [Weekend Event]The perfect time to get this Blueprint! admin2018-02-031 / 1532018-02-03 01:05by admin
  [Hot Event]10X Gold pack as reward for spending gold! admin2018-01-310 / 3212018-01-31 02:23by admin
  [Hot Event]Get E Tech General and start your trip! admin2018-01-310 / 1962018-01-31 01:56by admin
  [Hot Event]Collect new skill troops for 8000 gold reward! admin2018-01-241 / 3032018-01-29 20:14by admin
  [Weekend Event]Complete tasks to get 190 Kingwoo Equip Set! admin2018-01-270 / 3142018-01-27 00:58by admin
  [Final Call]This is the best gift in the beginning of New Year 2018 admin2018-01-270 / 4612018-01-27 00:55by admin
  [Hot Event]UP to +60% SDA Camouflage item for you! admin2018-01-250 / 1452018-01-25 03:03by admin
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