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  [Fresh Monday]You need a new general admin2018-11-102 / 6132018-11-26 06:10by admin
  [Weekend Event]Conquer campaigns with 100% buildup roar! admin2018-11-240 / 2972018-11-24 02:04by admin
  [Cyber Week]The biggest sale of the year 2018 admin2018-11-190 / 7292018-11-23 01:22by admin
  【GW】Updates 21th Nov. admin2018-11-210 / 5002018-11-21 01:05by admin
  [Fresh Monday]The old version of turkey for you admin2018-11-171 / 3762018-11-19 00:06by admin
  [Weekend Event]The perfect time to get G220 Inf. Blueprints! admin2018-11-032 / 3502018-11-17 03:08by admin
  [Friday Fun]Get 50% Gold rebate to award your generals! admin2018-11-160 / 2582018-11-16 01:13by admin
  [Veteran]Veteran ACE medal in Veteran day! admin2018-11-101 / 3522018-11-11 00:10by admin
  [Weekend Event]UP to 50% gold bonus for you! admin2018-11-100 / 2692018-11-10 01:14by admin
  [Friday Fun] 30USD wins! Buy one and get double! admin2018-11-090 / 2402018-11-09 01:21by admin
  [Haunted House]Watch out the ghosts, commander! admin2018-10-105 / 15882018-11-04 23:47by admin
  [Fresh Monday]Conquer campaigns with 100% buildup roar! admin2018-11-031 / 2702018-11-04 23:47by admin
  [Friday Fun]Time to get Battle Chance Pack reward! admin2018-11-020 / 2942018-11-02 01:39by admin
  [Haunted House]Halloween Dress up Party 2018 Attachment admin2018-10-312 / 4302018-11-01 04:07by oaw
  [7days Event]Let's grow this Thanksgiving seed! admin2018-11-010 / 2842018-11-01 00:10by admin
  [Lucky Draw]199 Halloween Candies in the house! admin2018-10-300 / 2612018-10-30 00:40by admin
  [Fresh Monday]Get a wierd troop for fun! admin2018-10-202 / 5962018-10-29 00:04by admin
  [Weekend Event]Get 50% Gold rebate to award your generals! admin2018-10-270 / 2732018-10-27 00:44by admin
  [Friday Fun] 60USD wins! Buy one and get extras! admin2018-10-260 / 3062018-10-26 00:26by admin
  [Lucky Draw]99 Halloween Candies in the house! admin2018-10-230 / 2962018-10-23 00:07by admin
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