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  [Friday Fun]Do you know what 100%SDA Camo. item looks like? admin2018-03-021 / 3832018-04-04 02:32by admin
  [Weekend Event]The perfect time to get this Blueprint! admin2018-01-061 / 4372018-04-04 02:32by admin
  【GW】Update 04th Apr. admin2018-04-030 / 1532018-04-03 23:31by admin
  END[Easter Event]Consume improvement files&get LT gold return! Attachment admin2018-03-312 / 5482018-04-02 16:05by Freddy4545
  [Weekend Event]No one will refuse this gold&Eggs chance! admin2018-03-310 / 3242018-03-31 00:03by admin
  [Final Call]Strengthen the army for Easter day! admin2018-03-300 / 4052018-03-30 00:23by admin
  [Friday Fun]Easter Egg camo./troop, which one you like? admin2018-03-300 / 2812018-03-30 00:09by admin
  [Hot Event]Lucky Easter Gift, An A+ Gold general! admin2018-03-290 / 4882018-03-29 01:21by admin
  [Weekend Event]A good chance to get up to 50% more gold rebate admin2018-03-241 / 2632018-03-24 01:09by admin
  [Fresh Monday]Here is one Auchinleck general, do you want it? admin2018-03-240 / 2542018-03-24 01:09by admin
  [Friday Fun] 30USD wins! Buy one and get double! admin2018-03-230 / 2522018-03-23 00:43by admin
  [Hot Event]You deserve higher level gold troops! admin2018-03-210 / 3682018-03-21 01:36by admin
  【GW】Update 21th Mar. admin2018-03-210 / 1492018-03-21 01:06by admin
  [Fresh Mondayt]Odd or Even? It's your choice! admin2018-03-171 / 2502018-03-19 01:35by admin
  [Weekend Event]Complete tasks to get ultimate troop&general! Attachment admin2018-03-173 / 5242018-03-17 02:22by AlenGentry
  [Hot Event]190 Gold Troop for extra recharge reward! admin2018-03-151 / 4122018-03-15 02:18by admin
  [Friday Fun]Gold Rebate Event for Equip Fusion! admin2018-03-150 / 1802018-03-15 02:05by admin
  [Valentine Event]50% Gold rebate for you and lovers! admin2018-03-140 / 2022018-03-14 01:35by admin
  [Weekend Event]The fresh +100% SDA Camouflage is here now! admin2018-03-101 / 3012018-03-10 03:18by admin
  [Fresh Monday]Best of luck to star a week! admin2018-03-100 / 4822018-03-10 03:18by admin
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