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  [Weekend Event]The perfect time to get G220 Armor Blueprint! admin2018-07-273 / 5212018-10-20 02:03by admin
  [Friday Fun]Get 50% Gold rebate to award your generals! admin2018-10-190 / 2832018-10-19 00:44by admin
  [Fresh Monday]Conquer campaigns with 100% buildup roar! admin2018-08-042 / 3792018-10-15 00:16by admin
  [Weekend Event]UP to 50% gold bonus for you! admin2018-10-130 / 2862018-10-13 00:04by admin
  [Friday Fun] 30USD wins! Buy one and get double! admin2018-10-120 / 2742018-10-12 00:05by admin
  [Lucky Tuesday]10USD to draw out S.Gen. Giftpack! admin2018-08-212 / 6292018-10-09 00:21by admin
  [Friday Fun]Recharge to get Battle Chance Pack reward! admin2018-08-102 / 5362018-10-05 07:54by admin
  [Lucky Draw]You name it! 10*10X Gold pack to you! admin2018-10-031 / 2622018-10-04 01:18by admin
  [Hot Event]German Unity Day for special reward! admin2018-10-031 / 3962018-10-03 01:24by admin
  [Super Fall]Walk by moonlight to obtain super gift! admin2018-09-057 / 16442018-10-03 01:16by admin
  [Weekend Event]Get 50% Gold rebate to award your generals! admin2018-09-290 / 2892018-09-29 00:38by admin
  [Friday Fun] 60USD wins! Buy one and get extra! admin2018-09-280 / 2842018-09-28 00:04by admin
  [Lucky Draw]You name it!The +60% SDA Camo. for you! admin2018-08-153 / 5612018-09-27 00:31by admin
  【GW】Updates 26th Sep. admin2018-09-260 / 4212018-09-26 00:27by admin
  [Weekend Event]The perfect time to get this G220 Art. Blueprint! admin2018-09-012 / 3792018-09-22 01:05by admin
  [Super Fall]Collect "SuperMoon' for decent reward! admin2018-09-201 / 3782018-09-22 01:04by admin
  [Fresh Monday]Super Moon for Mid-autumn day! admin2018-09-151 / 3602018-09-16 19:03by admin
  [Weekend Event]Everyone needs to catch up! admin2018-09-151 / 3562018-09-15 01:44by admin
  [Friday Fun] 30USD wins! Buy one and get double! admin2018-09-140 / 2972018-09-14 00:17by admin
  [Lucky Draw]You name it!The Gen.-S for you! admin2018-09-130 / 2962018-09-13 00:22by admin
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