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  [Hot Event]Not enjoy the "unlucky" draw? Let's make a deal! admin2017-05-240 / 6132017-05-24 02:51by admin
  [Hot Event]4th Anniv. Gen. Integration Discount OFF! admin2017-05-192 / 6092017-05-22 20:32by admin
  [4th Anniversary Event]Show your support "4" gold reward! Attachment   1 2 admin2017-05-1819 / 24032017-05-22 07:03by ziiiz
  [Weekend Event]50% Gold rebate for 1st recharge! Only in 4th Anniv. admin2017-05-191 / 4392017-05-21 01:56by admin
  [Weekend Event]Big Gold rebate in 4th Anniversary! admin2017-05-120 / 7392017-05-12 23:54by admin
  【GW】Update 10th May admin2017-05-090 / 7842017-05-09 23:21by admin
  [Hot Event]This is Your Gold Rebate Event for Equip Fusion! admin2017-05-060 / 5322017-05-06 23:24by admin
  [Weekend Event]No one will refuse this gold rebate chance! admin2017-05-041 / 5422017-05-05 21:55by admin
  [Hot Event]More improvement files, more gold rebate! admin2017-05-041 / 5202017-05-04 00:42by admin
  【Friday Fun】Great Resource rebate for ONE DAY! admin2017-04-271 / 7582017-04-28 01:47by admin
  【GW】Update 26th Apr. admin2017-04-260 / 9492017-04-26 02:43by admin
  [Hot Event] 7 days to say goodbye to April! admin2017-04-240 / 5512017-04-24 00:00by admin
  【Hot Event】A great chance to win Orange Tigerking! admin2017-04-230 / 9062017-04-23 23:58by admin
  [Weekend Event]The perfect time to get this Blueprint! admin2017-04-220 / 5822017-04-22 00:10by admin
  【GW】Update 20th Apr. admin2017-04-203 / 4572017-04-20 12:38by EnisHarvey
  [Friday Fun]Complete Improvement Joy task to win extra reward! admin2017-04-190 / 4832017-04-19 23:35by admin
  [Hot Event]Here is 5000 gold for you, get it or not? admin2017-04-190 / 9402017-04-19 01:45by admin
  [Weekend Event]50% Gold rebate only in Easter Day! admin2017-04-141 / 5732017-04-15 23:48by admin
  [Friday Fun]Complete Improvement Joy task to win extra reward! admin2017-04-131 / 6982017-04-14 00:35by admin
  【GW】Update 12th Apr. admin2017-04-120 / 8162017-04-12 03:23by admin
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