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  [Hot Event]It's time for general manual lightup! admin2017-08-090 / 4692017-08-09 00:48by admin
  【GW】Update 09th Aug. admin2017-08-090 / 3072017-08-09 00:43by admin
  [Weekend Event]Your weekend pack arrived! Up to VII Gen. Medal Box. admin2017-08-050 / 3852017-08-05 00:12by admin
  [Friday Fun] 30USD wins! Buy one and get double! admin2017-08-030 / 2272017-08-03 23:53by admin
  [Gold rebate]Get luck and gold rebate from Lucky Draw event now! admin2017-08-020 / 3202017-08-02 01:01by admin
  [Hot Event]Final call! Decent general/troop extra reward for you! admin2017-07-291 / 3562017-07-30 06:43by admin
  [Friday Fun] The one-day Limit-time gold Event for you! admin2017-07-271 / 3992017-07-29 00:33by admin
  [Weekend Event]Your lucky bag arrived, please receive it! admin2017-07-210 / 6912017-07-21 23:58by admin
  [Friday Fun]50% bonus for the Dunkirk battle! admin2017-07-210 / 4172017-07-21 00:34by admin
  [Hot Event]Encore! Consume improvement files& get better return! admin2017-07-200 / 6032017-07-20 00:49by admin
  【GW】Update 19th July admin2017-07-180 / 4252017-07-18 23:41by admin
  [Weekend Event]The perfect time to get this Blueprint! admin2017-07-140 / 4612017-07-14 23:36by admin
  [Hot Event]More improvement files, more gold rebate! admin2017-07-120 / 7882017-07-12 02:12by admin
  【GW】Update 12th July admin2017-07-120 / 4742017-07-12 02:02by admin
  [Gold rebate]Not enjoying the "unlucky" draw? Let's make a deal! admin2017-07-070 / 5622017-07-07 20:43by admin
  【Weekend Event】This time, it is 45% Camouflage! admin2017-07-070 / 8152017-07-07 20:21by admin
  [Hot Event]3rd Gold Rebate Event for Equip Reform! admin2017-07-050 / 4792017-07-05 20:02by admin
  【GW】Update 28th June admin2017-06-282 / 7222017-07-02 08:40by SadSack
  [Weekend Event]Chong-ming Bird equip set is here now! admin2017-06-291 / 5012017-07-01 18:22by admin
  [Hot Event]Final call! Decent general/troop extra reward for you! admin2017-06-291 / 5732017-06-29 01:12by admin
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