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  [Friday Fun]Free General reward for you admin2018-07-270 / 4982018-07-27 00:57by admin
  【Summer Camp】All forces stand by! General Carnival is opened for you. admin2018-07-181 / 9492018-07-21 00:10by admin
  [Weekend Event]No one will refuse this gold & buildup roar chance! admin2018-07-210 / 3462018-07-21 00:09by admin
  [Fresh Monday]Not enjoying the "unlucky" draw? Let's make a deal! admin2018-04-301 / 6482018-07-20 23:38by admin
  [Weekend Event]The perfect time to get the tank Blueprint! admin2018-07-140 / 3882018-07-14 00:20by admin
  [World Cup 2018]Bet one and win double! admin2018-07-130 / 4052018-07-13 00:21by admin
  [Friday Fun] 60USD wins! Buy one and get extra! admin2018-07-120 / 3042018-07-12 23:59by admin
  [Hot Event]Complete tasks to get Auchinleck Gen.! admin2018-07-110 / 5442018-07-11 01:46by admin
  【GW】Updates 11th July admin2018-07-100 / 5692018-07-10 23:41by admin
  [Fresh Monday]Drink World Cup Beer-S by spending gold! admin2018-06-211 / 7522018-07-09 02:57by admin
  [Weekend Event]Complete tasks to get Apocalypse Equip Box! admin2018-07-070 / 5362018-07-07 00:33by admin
  [Friday Fun]Conquer campaigns with 100% buildup roar! admin2018-06-011 / 6032018-07-06 00:34by admin
  [Hot Event]Here is your favorite G-Type Camouflage item! Attachment admin2018-07-051 / 4562018-07-05 23:25by AlenGentry
  [Weekend Event]Want more Beer S? You won't miss this chance! admin2018-06-300 / 3762018-06-30 00:35by admin
  [Final Call]The best gift for June is LT210 UNIT! admin2018-06-280 / 5802018-06-28 23:50by admin
  [Friday Fun] 100USD finally wins! Buy one and get extra! admin2018-06-280 / 3262018-06-28 23:43by admin
  [Fresh Monday]Complete tasks to get 60% Camouflage item! admin2018-05-151 / 5172018-06-25 01:18by admin
  [Weekend Event]No one refuses this 50% gold rebate chance! admin2018-06-230 / 3962018-06-23 00:07by admin
  [Friday Fun]Gold Rebate Event for Equip Fusion/Reform! admin2018-06-220 / 4002018-06-22 00:10by admin
  [DragonBoat]It's your 50% gold rebate for Duanwu Festival admin2018-06-180 / 4492018-06-18 00:53by admin
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