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  [Hot Event]Take risk! Consume improvement files& get better return! admin2017-04-120 / 6832017-04-12 02:06by admin
  END[Weekend Event]It's very important to do Set Equip! admin2017-04-070 / 6872017-04-07 23:30by admin
  END[Hot Event]Get extra reward from spending gold! admin2017-04-070 / 7132017-04-07 02:12by admin
  [Friday Fun]10USD still wins! Buy one and get double! admin2017-03-292 / 5972017-03-30 20:34by admin
  [Hot Event]Not enjoying the "unlucky" draw? Let's make a deal! admin2017-03-300 / 7472017-03-30 20:33by admin
  [Weekend Event]The perfect time to get this Blueprint! admin2017-03-300 / 8542017-03-30 00:08by admin
  【GW】Update 29th Mar. admin2017-03-280 / 6692017-03-28 23:33by admin
  END[Friday Fun]Collect new Tech units for 50% gold rebate! admin2017-03-240 / 8762017-03-24 00:40by admin
  [Hot Event]Invite friends to play game and win big reward! admin2017-03-221 / 9462017-03-22 07:35by JohnW
  【GW】Update 22th Mar. admin2017-03-210 / 10822017-03-21 22:09by admin
  END【Hot Event】A great honor to show your general collection! Attachment admin2017-03-174 / 11572017-03-18 09:17by KurtOlsen
  【GW】Update 15th Mar. admin2017-03-140 / 10202017-03-14 03:04by admin
  [Hot Event]Get Rooster Lucky Pack in White Valentine Day! admin2017-03-140 / 7652017-03-14 02:23by admin
  [Weekend Event]NO FUSION, Get Gold Equip directly! admin2017-03-101 / 8742017-03-10 02:43by admin
  【GW】Update 08th Mar. admin2017-03-071 / 11432017-03-10 02:43by admin
  [Weekend Event]Your lucky bag arrived, please receive it! admin2017-03-031 / 10482017-03-10 02:42by admin
  【Hot Event】Be lukcy all the time from March! admin2017-03-010 / 12292017-03-01 02:06by admin
  【GW】Update 01st Mar. admin2017-03-010 / 7742017-03-01 01:01by admin
  END[Hot Event]2nd Gold Rebate Event for Equip Reform! admin2017-02-240 / 5302017-02-24 02:02by admin
  END[Friday Fun]10USD still wins! Buy one and get double! admin2017-02-230 / 4452017-02-23 00:40by admin
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