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  [Hot Event]Not enjoy the "unlucky" draw? Let's make a deal! admin2017-11-080 / 4592017-11-08 01:02by admin
  [Hot Event]Get extra reward from spending gold! admin2017-11-040 / 3472017-11-04 00:39by admin
  [Weekend Event]Limited Gold rebate event for 2 days! admin2017-11-040 / 2632017-11-04 00:04by admin
  [Friday Fun]Get Gold Rebate from Equip Reform! admin2017-11-020 / 2972017-11-02 23:54by admin
  [7days Event]Let's grow this Thanksgiving seed! admin2017-11-010 / 3222017-11-01 02:11by admin
  [Final Call]No trick, only the equip set you want admin2017-10-281 / 3882017-10-30 18:53by admin
  [Hot Event]Get Halloween Peppermint for lucky pack! admin2017-10-281 / 4422017-10-29 16:52by admin
  [Weekend Event]This Halloween Bag is only for you! admin2017-10-282 / 3542017-10-28 02:39by admin
  [Friday Fun]30USD wins, get one & 100% rebate! admin2017-10-260 / 2242017-10-26 23:56by admin
  【GW】Update 25th Oct. admin2017-10-240 / 2742017-10-24 23:45by admin
  [Hot Event]Halloween Dress up Party 2017 admin2017-10-241 / 3892017-10-24 23:44by admin
  [Hot Event]Complete Improvement Joy task to win extra reward! admin2017-10-211 / 3352017-10-23 16:21by admin
  [Fresh Monday]Conquer campaigns with 100% buildup roar! admin2017-10-211 / 2792017-10-22 23:50by admin
  [Weekend Event]Not only gold rebate but also discount card! admin2017-10-211 / 2742017-10-21 01:34by admin
  [Friday Fun]Speeeed up building now! admin2017-10-190 / 3052017-10-19 23:51by admin
  [Hot Event]A great chance to win Ghost General-S! admin2017-10-180 / 5052017-10-18 02:23by admin
  【GW】Update 18th Oct. admin2017-10-170 / 4052017-10-17 20:17by admin
  [Fresh Monday] The oneday Limit-time gold Event for you! admin2017-10-160 / 2382017-10-16 00:05by admin
  [Weekend Event]The perfect time to get this Blueprint! admin2017-10-130 / 2642017-10-13 23:56by admin
  [Friday Fun]60USD finally win, get one & 50% rebate! admin2017-10-120 / 2342017-10-12 23:57by admin
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