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  [NewYear Event]Here is your Kingwoo Inf. Equip Set! admin2018-01-010 / 4452018-01-01 00:52by admin
  [Final Call]The Best Xmas Gift is LV.210 LT unit! admin2017-12-290 / 5442017-12-29 01:48by admin
  [Friday Fun]Best luck to get G160/G180/G200 BP set! admin2017-12-280 / 3062017-12-28 02:19by admin
  [Hot Event]Gold Rebate Event for Equip Fusion! admin2017-10-181 / 4542017-12-27 02:41by admin
  [Weekend Event]UP to 100% gold bonus for Xmas Holiday! admin2017-12-230 / 4052017-12-23 01:14by admin
  [Friday Fun]60USD win again, get one & 50% rebate! admin2017-11-302 / 2182017-12-22 02:08by admin
  [Fresh Monday]Conquer campaigns with 100% buildup roar! admin2017-12-110 / 3092017-12-11 01:43by admin
  [Hot Event]Exchange EXP C Pack for 190 Kingwoo Equip Set admin2017-12-090 / 3312017-12-09 01:55by admin
  [Weekend Event]The perfect time to get Equip Blueprints! admin2017-12-090 / 2402017-12-09 01:27by admin
  [Friday Fun]Get ready for Xmas event with Instance Packs! admin2017-12-080 / 4232017-12-08 01:18by admin
  [Hot event]Light up General Manuals now! admin2017-12-070 / 3422017-12-07 01:59by admin
  [Hot Event]Not enjoy the "unlucky" draw? Let's make a deal! admin2017-12-040 / 3052017-12-04 01:24by admin
  [Weekend Event]Limited Gold rebate event for 2 days! admin2017-12-020 / 4152017-12-02 01:06by admin
  [Final Call]Being grateful with this pair of new troop&general admin2017-11-290 / 5482017-11-29 02:14by admin
  [Hot Event]Spend gold and get Thanksgiving Seed rebate! admin2017-11-250 / 3122017-11-25 01:04by admin
  [Weekend Event]This Thanksgiving Bag is only for you! admin2017-11-250 / 4262017-11-25 00:57by admin
  [Friday Fun]Thanks for supporting with 100% recharge rebate admin2017-11-230 / 5372017-11-23 01:01by admin
  [HOT Event]Big Time! 50% OFF for General Integration admin2017-11-220 / 2962017-11-22 01:56by admin
  [Weekend Event]Complete tasks to get ultimate troops! admin2017-11-181 / 5192017-11-18 20:36by JohnW
  [Friday Fun]50% bonus for Thanksgiving's greeting! admin2017-11-170 / 3232017-11-17 01:01by admin
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