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  END[Hot Event]Get gold rebate from Equip Fusion II! admin2017-02-230 / 6152017-02-23 00:33by admin
  【GW】Update 22th Feb. admin2017-02-210 / 7242017-02-21 23:12by admin
  END[Hot Event]More improvement files, more gold rebate! admin2017-02-200 / 6342017-02-20 02:47by admin
  END【Weekend Event】The best time to get Equip Blueprints! admin2017-02-161 / 9852017-02-17 21:27by admin
  END[Hot Event]50% Gold rebate only in Valentine's Day! admin2017-02-130 / 6222017-02-13 00:20by admin
  [Weekend Event]Your weekend pack arrived! Up to IX Gen. Medal admin2017-02-091 / 6862017-02-11 03:32by admin
  【GW】Update 09th Feb. admin2017-02-090 / 11382017-02-09 23:47by admin
  END[Weekend Event]Your weekend pack arrived! Up to VIII Gen. Medal admin2017-02-041 / 8632017-02-09 23:35by admin
  END[Hot Event]Claim gold reward for collecting T90 Beno units! admin2017-02-011 / 10012017-02-07 01:20by admin
  END【Hot Event】Happy Lunar new year 2017! admin2017-01-201 / 18672017-01-22 23:57by admin
  [Weekend Event]The Limit-time Gold Party starts! admin2017-01-210 / 6882017-01-21 00:38by admin
  END[Friday Fun]10USD win again! Buy one and get double! admin2017-01-191 / 7842017-01-20 01:13by admin
  【GW】Update 19th Jan. admin2017-01-190 / 14272017-01-19 19:53by admin
  【Weekend Event】Get some fresh Blueprints to enjoy ur weekend! admin2017-01-131 / 10472017-01-14 02:18by admin
  [Friday Fun]Get Gold Rebate for Equip Fusion! admin2017-01-130 / 7482017-01-13 00:53by admin
  END[HOT Event]It's back! 50% OFF for General Integration admin2017-01-061 / 8172017-01-09 02:18by admin
  [Weekend Event]Open Medal Box for best of luck! admin2017-01-061 / 7982017-01-07 03:50by admin
  END[Newyear Event]【Start your new trip in 2017!】 admin2017-01-011 / 22462017-01-06 01:49by admin
  [Newyear Event]Take risk! Consume improvement files& get better return! admin2017-01-041 / 9222017-01-06 01:06by admin
  【GW】Update 04th Jan. admin2017-01-040 / 12762017-01-04 23:36by admin
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