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  Notice admin2014-04-230 / 39882014-04-23 05:13by admin
  G10 Server Official Launch Announcement admin2014-04-220 / 34892014-04-22 07:03by admin
  S1 to S7 Close Notice admin2014-04-210 / 24862014-04-21 00:06by admin
  Warm Notice Towards Combine Function admin2014-04-200 / 28252014-04-20 20:52by admin
  Mystery Garden Attachment Green2014-01-213 / 48422014-02-12 23:13by Barry
  New Version Preview Green2014-01-150 / 26512014-01-15 23:53by Green
  【How to Play and Recharge on our Official Site】 Green2014-01-020 / 24942014-01-02 19:24by Green
  Glory of Gladiators In-game & Forum Conduct Green2013-10-240 / 42032013-10-24 20:08by Green
  Glory of Gladiators Player Guide Contest g-bunny2013-09-220 / 35972013-09-22 20:24by g-bunny
  Player Moderator Job with awesome rewards is now available for you to apply! Attachment g-bunny2013-08-274 / 45962014-04-17 08:14by kenayzi
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  W88 LA GI – CO NEN LUA CHON NHA CAI W88 CHOI CA DO HAY KHONG linhhuong05072018-08-050 / 9962018-08-05 01:14by linhhuong0507
  CACH RUT TIEN 188BET THUAN TIEN AN TOAN MA KHONG CAN BAT CU THU TUC GI linhhuong05072018-08-050 / 9642018-08-05 01:05by linhhuong0507
  Cu the cau thu Dinh Tien Phong so 73 phai chiu an phat tien 17 5 trieu linhhuong05072018-08-030 / 2262018-08-03 04:34by linhhuong0507
  Vay vi sao cac CLB khong tu san xuat va ban ao dau de thu tron khoan tien nay linhhuong05072018-07-300 / 3402018-07-30 21:06by linhhuong0507
  Problem Thunder damage 30% tr0cu2014-05-230 / 33612014-05-23 22:45by tr0cu
  【Notice】 GM Ticket System Is Closed admin2014-05-210 / 14422014-05-21 04:17by admin
  Maintenance on 6th, May admin2014-05-050 / 29642014-05-05 02:38by admin
  Upload Video to YouTube, Win Awesome Rewards admin2014-04-220 / 25852014-04-22 03:16by admin
  0422 Patch Note admin2014-04-210 / 22542014-04-21 00:00by admin
  Notice on 18th, April. admin2014-04-170 / 23352014-04-17 20:56by admin
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