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  Need more balance of the game rorolf2013-05-053 / 13602013-05-12 20:46by Elisaa
  Minor fixes that would help the game simonyun312013-05-111 / 9212013-05-12 20:39by Elisaa
  The sounds in this game sound very fimiliar GeneralPebbles2013-05-091 / 9722013-05-10 01:40by Elisaa
  error for Genaral moltenend2013-05-091 / 9732013-05-09 23:50by Elisaa
  when is open beta? rorolf2013-05-071 / 9442013-05-07 23:25by Elisaa
  someone reached lv45 rorolf2013-05-020 / 8972013-05-02 22:33by rorolf
  frustrated about this game rorolf2013-05-011 / 10632013-05-02 19:16by Elisaa
  Wipe? zathor2013-04-261 / 12732013-04-26 19:08by Elisaa
  Join ALC ??? alkarbon502013-04-221 / 10532013-04-22 18:54by admin
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