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  are you kidding me? now barbarosa stuck. rorolf2013-05-084 / 9922013-05-10 20:21by rorolf
  Skill Bug Attachment kodyvarnes2013-05-057 / 30202013-05-08 04:24by Elisaa
  Servers back up, Thank you kodyvarnes2013-05-051 / 9122013-05-05 22:49by Elisaa
  game server is down rorolf2013-05-051 / 9072013-05-05 19:34by Elisaa
  Server still down and random problems kodyvarnes2013-05-051 / 57922013-05-05 18:47by Elisaa
  Bug or Glitch in Quest ariesace2013-04-272 / 9542013-05-04 17:39by Mercostol
  listing of bugs rorolf2013-05-030 / 6092013-05-03 17:17by rorolf
  stuck in campaign/arena/instance rorolf2013-04-301 / 7752013-05-01 19:43by Elisaa
  infantry is useless rorolf2013-04-301 / 8712013-05-01 19:31by Elisaa
  i wonder in this close beta, who really can be over lv45 rorolf2013-04-271 / 9322013-04-27 19:51by Elisaa
  can't do instance rorolf2013-04-264 / 11372013-04-26 22:56by Bill
  answer to chinese pigs GM szef5062015-04-220 / 4542013-04-23 19:04by szef506
  Problems cliff10662013-04-211 / 10582013-04-21 20:25by Elisaa
  useless GM support - ALTS szef5062015-04-133 / 5352013-04-16 20:40by szef506
  THANK YOU GAMEBOX szef5062015-04-160 / 4492013-04-16 20:40by szef506
  Why cant i play? Abdimalik2013-04-162 / 15272013-04-16 19:09by Elisaa
  Do not buy gold from these people Kinda_Mad2014-12-210 / 6142012-12-22 21:12by Kinda_Mad
  STILL BUG AFTER RECEIVED COMPENSATION Attachment tamingsari2014-08-029 / 22862012-08-04 01:43by Chrono
  IS THIS THE ONLY COMPENSATION U CAN GIVE US CRONO Attachment tamingsari2014-08-026 / 41902012-08-04 01:40by Chrono
  FUKING BUG AND COMPENSATION Attachment   1 2 3 tamingsari2014-07-3124 / 38782012-08-04 01:40by Chrono
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