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  [Announcement]New servers S2 and S3 is coming! admin2013-09-040 / 16012013-09-04 23:43by admin
  [Official Announcement] Official operator of Ancient Summoner Aggie2013-08-230 / 13312013-08-23 05:04by Aggie
  [Official Announcement]First Server Launch Postponed admin2013-08-220 / 10152013-08-22 01:43by admin
  [HOT]First Time Purchase Event! admin2013-08-210 / 12582013-08-21 20:19by admin
  [EVENTS] Ancient Summoner Open Server Events admin2013-08-210 / 14622013-08-21 07:28by admin
  AS is coming to Gamebox ! . admin2013-08-090 / 13942013-08-09 01:14by admin
  [news]The World of Mystery: An Introduction to Ancient Summoner admin2013-08-080 / 17932013-08-08 20:30by admin
  boobs.... angel962014-05-042 / 8582012-05-05 19:24by fucyui
  homosexuality... angel962014-05-044 / 9712012-05-05 19:24by fucyui
  【Important Announcement】GM Ticket System will be closed temporarily Miley2014-01-240 / 11412012-03-06 03:33by Miley
  【HOT EVENT】Master of Alchemy Attachment   1 2 Miley2013-11-2017 / 44282011-12-05 19:52by dark
  [HOT EVENT] Consumption Return Attachment Miley2013-12-040 / 9362011-12-05 19:52by Miley
  [Announcement]New server S5 is coming! Attachment admin2013-09-230 / 16592011-10-09 17:56by admin
  [HOT EVENT]Scorpio's brave patron saint Attachment admin2013-09-239 / 26642011-10-03 09:20by Miley
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