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  US SERVERS Showdown Cancelled Malucifer2014-11-022 / 15822014-11-06 21:34by Banane
  【Event】Master’s Skill Pack IV Attachment admin2014-11-060 / 12662014-11-06 03:26by admin
  【Announcement】 Weekly Server Maintenance from 6:00pm on November 5 PST admin2014-11-050 / 17352014-11-05 01:28by admin
  【HOT EVENT】Pegasi Blessing Attachment admin2014-11-020 / 13772014-11-02 19:10by admin
  【Event】Minor Recharge Event -【Lorie】 Attachment admin2014-10-300 / 23132014-10-30 19:50by admin
  Happy Halloween---- You never had pumpkin like [Lord Pumpernickel] before Attachment admin2014-10-290 / 19612014-10-29 04:41by admin
  【Event】Glory of the Zodiac --- Sagittarius Attachment Miley2014-10-280 / 13272014-10-28 19:25by Miley
  Calling Dungeon Masters! Boss Design Contest! Attachment Miley2014-10-161 / 16312014-10-27 16:19by kobo
  【Event】Master’s Skill Pack IV Attachment Miley2014-10-260 / 13302014-10-26 21:35by Miley
  【Event】Universal Pack (Queen of the Zodiac) Attachment Miley2014-10-240 / 10982014-10-24 02:12by Miley
  【Event】Major Repurchase Tarot---The Temperance Attachment Miley2014-10-230 / 11032014-10-23 20:18by Miley
  【Event】Dragon Master’s Pack II Attachment Miley2014-10-230 / 13942014-10-23 04:14by Miley
  【Announcement】 Weekly Server Maintenance from 6:00pm on 0ctober 22 PDT Miley2014-10-210 / 14462014-10-21 22:28by Miley
  【Hot Event】World Cup II---10.17 00:00-10.23 23:59 PDT Attachment Miley2014-10-200 / 22212014-10-20 05:18by Miley
  【Event】Minor Recharge Event -【Tremorr】 Attachment Miley2014-10-160 / 23392014-10-16 20:42by Miley
  【Event】Major Recharge Event -【Annie the Dragon King】 Leliana2014-10-102 / 14052014-10-10 17:33by kele
  【Event】Rewards for Opening Packs---[Cain the Traitor] & [Yumi Swiftshot] Leliana2014-10-100 / 13092014-10-10 02:57by Leliana
  【Event】Norse Mythos Pack Leliana2014-10-080 / 14382014-10-08 03:05by Leliana
  【Hot Event】World Cup I---10.03 00:00-10.09 23:59 PDT Attachment admin2014-10-040 / 11932014-10-04 00:39by admin
  【Event】Rewards for Opening Packs---[Winged Emperor] Attachment admin2014-10-030 / 12582014-10-03 23:55by admin
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