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  【Event】Minor Recharge Event -【Lady Neferata】 Attachment admin2014-10-030 / 14672014-10-03 23:19by admin
  Changes to current Maintenance Schedule Malucifer2014-09-290 / 9522014-09-29 23:31by Malucifer
  【Event】Major Repurchase Tarot---Death Leliana2014-09-280 / 10342014-09-28 01:11by Leliana
  【Event】Rewards for Opening Packs---[Jaraax the Tormentor] Leliana2014-09-270 / 10462014-09-27 20:40by Leliana
  【Event】Mythos Pack & Mythos Pack II Leliana2014-09-260 / 12622014-09-26 02:32by Leliana
  [Attention]Server merge 9/24/2014 Leliana2014-09-231 / 16572014-09-25 07:01by Banane
  【Hot Event】Soul of the Dragon II Leliana2014-09-250 / 8442014-09-25 03:32by Leliana
  [Update]Welcome to the ROM Tournament! Leliana2014-09-230 / 17092014-09-23 23:14by Leliana
  【Event】Rewards for Opening Packs Leliana2014-09-220 / 9262014-09-22 00:55by Leliana
  ROM TOUR CHOSEN PARTICIPANTS LIST Malucifer2014-09-202 / 16202014-09-21 21:28by Banane
  【Event Preview】Time-Limited Event Pack Leliana2014-09-180 / 9352014-09-18 02:58by Leliana
  【Event Preview】Gold Rush! Leliana2014-09-180 / 8682014-09-18 02:52by Leliana
  【Event Preview】Minor Recharge Event -【Swift Astral】 Leliana2014-09-180 / 8772014-09-18 02:34by Leliana
  [HOT EVENT] ROM Masters Tournament North America Trial Run Leliana2014-09-162 / 14752014-09-17 19:33by Dane1
  [Announcement] Weekly Server Maintenance from 6:00pm on September 17th PDT Leliana2014-09-170 / 8302014-09-17 03:13by Leliana
  【General War】S100, THE DAWN OF A NEW LEGEND! Attachment admin2014-09-160 / 10682014-09-16 20:49by admin
  【Event】Extra Skills Pack and Master’s Skill Pack III Leliana2014-09-160 / 8572014-09-16 02:04by Leliana
  【Event】Mythos Pack Leliana2014-09-110 / 9742014-09-11 04:06by Leliana
  [Attention] Weekly Server Maintenance from 6:00pm on September 10 PDT   1 2 Leliana2014-09-1010 / 28972014-09-11 03:29by mh370
  【Event】Rewards for Opening Packs---[Judge Martyn] Leliana2014-09-073 / 12402014-09-07 01:17by wagnerbro
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