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  【Event】Major Recharge Event -【Archangel Israphel】 Attachment Miley2014-08-140 / 28302014-08-14 03:55by Miley
  [Announcement] Weekly Server Maintenance from 6:00pm on August 13 PDT Miley2014-08-120 / 10032014-08-12 23:37by Miley
  【Event】Time-Limited Event Pack Attachment Miley2014-08-100 / 19422014-08-10 20:48by Miley
  【Event】Mythos Pack Attachment Miley2014-08-100 / 17012014-08-10 20:11by Miley
  【Event】Minor Recharge Event -【Gujaret】 Attachment Miley2014-08-070 / 18692014-08-07 20:27by Miley
  【Event】Master’s Skill Pack III Attachment Miley2014-08-060 / 19142014-08-06 21:12by Miley
  [Announcement] Weekly Server Maintenance from 6:00pm on August 6th PDT Miley2014-08-060 / 10552014-08-06 00:24by Miley
  Fantastic rewards are prepared for U Attachment Miley2014-08-044 / 14722014-08-05 23:58by Miley
  【Event】Rewards for Opening Packs---[Zeus-King of the Gods] Attachment Miley2014-08-050 / 16782014-08-05 02:34by Miley
  Event Preview for 08/01 Attachment Miley2014-07-316 / 16692014-08-02 13:09by kobo
  【Event】Universal Pack (Queen of the Zodiac) Attachment Miley2014-07-310 / 16482014-07-31 23:44by Miley
  [Announcement] Weekly Server Maintenance from 6:00pm on July 30th PDT Miley2014-07-305 / 31002014-07-31 22:57by steve1386
  Official Game Support Recruiting Now!   1 2 Leliana2014-07-1510 / 29562014-07-29 19:20by Leliana
  【Event】Rebates for Opening Dragon Packs Attachment Miley2014-07-270 / 12992014-07-27 19:34by Miley
  Server 20 is up, Go and Play now! server202014-07-260 / 9782014-07-26 00:29by server20
  【Notification】 Recent Tarot Card Event Problem Leliana2014-07-250 / 11642014-07-25 01:41by Leliana
  【Event】Mythos Pack & Mythos Pack II Attachment Miley2014-07-240 / 28022014-07-24 19:23by Miley
  【Announcement】 Weekly Server Maintenance from 6:00pm on July 23rd PDT Miley2014-07-230 / 10822014-07-23 02:35by Miley
  【Event】CONSUMPTION RETURN Attachment Miley2014-07-220 / 14292014-07-22 20:04by Miley
  【Hot Event】World Cup II Attachment admin2014-07-138 / 27302014-07-21 11:19by mh370
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