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  【Event】Rewards for Opening Skill Packs Attachment admin2014-07-210 / 17462014-07-21 00:57by admin
  【Event】Extra Skills Pack and Master’s Skill Pack III Attachment admin2014-07-210 / 20022014-07-21 00:10by admin
  GM Miley..... -_- GonFreecss2014-07-173 / 17262014-07-17 22:20by Wing
  【Event】Minor Recharge Event -【Alice】 Attachment admin2014-07-160 / 13812014-07-16 20:14by admin
  【Announcement】 Weekly Server Maintenance from 6:00pm on July 16th PDT admin2014-07-154 / 21412014-07-16 18:47by admin
  【Event】Rewards for Opening Human Packs Attachment admin2014-07-140 / 17962014-07-14 20:18by admin
  【Event】Time-Limited Event Pack Attachment admin2014-07-130 / 17562014-07-13 22:42by admin
  【Event】Major Recharge Event -【Queen of Zodiac】 Attachment admin2014-07-100 / 22152014-07-10 19:41by admin
  【Event】Time-limited Victory Pack—12% OFF Attachment admin2014-07-090 / 16372014-07-09 19:27by admin
  【Event】CONSUMPTION RETURN Attachment admin2014-07-080 / 23212014-07-08 20:10by admin
  Extra Skills Pack 30% OFF Attachment Miley2014-07-070 / 8982014-07-07 21:28by Miley
  【Event】FIRST PACK 50% OFF Attachment admin2014-07-060 / 17472014-07-06 20:16by admin
  【Event】Rewards for Opening Dragon Packs Attachment admin2014-07-060 / 18522014-07-06 19:28by admin
  Minor Recharge Event -【Shargase】 Attachment admin2014-07-020 / 33212014-07-02 19:32by admin
  [Announcement] Weekly Server Maintenance from 6:00pm on July 2nd PDT admin2014-07-022 / 31092014-07-02 19:24by Sita
  【S16-S17】 & 【S18-S19】Server Merge Notice Attachment admin2014-07-024 / 23712014-07-02 13:59by Bl1nd
  【Event】Universal Pack Released Attachment admin2014-06-290 / 20592014-06-29 21:57by admin
  Major Recharge Event -【Leo】 Attachment Miley2014-06-254 / 45702014-06-27 18:34by nairis
  Statement about AS-rename admin2014-06-169 / 41812014-06-27 18:21by JasonRed3
  can you make a new server ? joyfulday2014-06-198 / 16632014-06-27 07:10by cmonguys
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