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  Item/Servitor Capacity Questions dwoik2014-08-131 / 8802014-08-13 18:31by Sentinel007
  Maximum dodge Attachment Heavensgates2014-08-132 / 9852014-08-13 18:00by Kadercito
  server question Lok1272014-08-100 / 6772014-08-10 14:47by Lok127
  suggestions for a better improvement of the game massimino722014-08-091 / 8162014-08-09 06:11by Zeacon
Icon21 [About]New changes to the easter egg servitor shinobi13142014-08-081 / 10722014-08-08 17:39by Linhvn
  BellaDonna (Sonia T. Azevedo) Attachment werwer2014-08-080 / 7742014-08-08 13:36by werwer
  Please merge dead servers twigglypuff2014-08-072 / 10952014-08-08 04:01by shinobi1314
  WIlderness Maps Attachment hark0n2014-08-067 / 15732014-08-07 18:03by shinobi1314
  Diablo Attachment mitc692014-07-297 / 15672014-08-06 08:45by TiffanyNelsen
  Star number 8 TiffanyNelsen2014-08-038 / 20892014-08-04 14:01by Zeacon
  Event shop... Ogusus2014-08-011 / 9332014-08-01 04:42by ArtMetal
  Christmas event lvl 80 Boss EvilA2014-07-313 / 14052014-07-31 20:16by shinobi1314
  ranked event.. Ogusus2014-07-281 / 9592014-07-28 07:01by Ashra
  What is going on with attack speed? Attachment Ogusus2014-07-277 / 13452014-07-27 23:42by shinobi1314
  Silver Knightage the last boss mob.. Ogusus2014-07-205 / 18952014-07-25 23:56by Ogusus
  Is the event store for the iOS ever comming back? Essex762014-07-201 / 8502014-07-24 22:31by endofdays
  I think this is gonna take a while ;p BammerDuScammer2014-07-233 / 11742014-07-24 03:07by ksichtik
  World Boss participation(HP)/Contest Jeanine2014-06-258 / 15992014-07-22 11:25by Jeanine
  Compatibility of Frost Net to other skills Talares2014-07-221 / 10572014-07-22 07:31by homtoy
  update/satan/... Ashra2014-07-210 / 7952014-07-21 20:30by Ashra
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