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Customer Service & BUG Report

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  No Aura Stones were returned to me when Beast was reset saphirequasar2014-11-010 / 41062014-11-01 16:26by saphirequasar
  Loss of server...multiple times Prowl2014-10-200 / 24292014-10-20 18:00by Prowl
  CSA broken... Prowl2014-09-190 / 11382014-09-19 15:32by Prowl
  Beast Contract Shard Attachment SoulReaper2014-08-194 / 22742014-09-04 15:47by Leiaala
  Knight's fable update problem Silkspirit2014-08-241 / 13362014-08-26 04:45by snakeman
  Jester Cat Fragment Exchange Prowl2014-08-170 / 11972014-08-17 07:21by Prowl
  Apocalypse Gear Attachment Prowl2014-08-074 / 14412014-08-12 05:09by snakeman
  recharge Attachment chris19702014-07-316 / 14792014-08-09 03:20by snakeman
  Error msg add on Momin8tor2014-07-274 / 14942014-08-03 20:13by Momin8tor
  Cross Server Arena No Team Bug Fighter2014-07-302 / 14882014-07-31 05:50by snakeman
  Delete/Restart Character bariagan2014-07-271 / 13712014-07-29 03:46by snakeman
  Error Msg Sin22014-07-262 / 16192014-07-29 03:32by snakeman
  lvl reward bags Ashra2014-07-281 / 13782014-07-29 03:06by snakeman
  City Defense no longer works guenthar2014-07-272 / 13212014-07-27 20:04by guenthar
  no items go to backpack frita2014-07-240 / 13442014-07-24 09:28by frita
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