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View the details of the New Server Events (Don't miss the chance!) and seize the chance to have yourself a leg up!

102152NEW DUNGEONSby killerbr - 2015-02-02 20:14

Odin Quest Weekly Maintenance Update Log

Server maintenance notice, events updating and bug fixing.

811Biscuit manby Angelis - 2014-02-14 07:39


Happy marriage system released!


Gamebox Star Issue I---A Real Xortoth


New Server Events


Top TreasureHunt Rank for Bountiful Champion Medal

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News and Event

SubjectAuthorReply/checklast post
  Razor Rank: Goddess tear, strengthen your skills Attachment admin2014-05-270 / 17012014-05-27 01:11by admin
  Unicorn Race: summon Tyrael to help you Attachment admin2014-05-270 / 16032014-05-27 01:06by admin
  Attention please! Susanne2014-05-250 / 12282014-05-25 00:57by Susanne
  Soldier Race to win Three New released items (Single and all server) Attachment admin2014-05-131 / 17792014-05-24 05:03by Abysou
  Treasure Hunt for optional orange accessories, TH Tickets rebate(Single All Attachment admin2014-05-206 / 26692014-05-24 00:21by Drizzt
  A Series of New Server Events for UTC 14 Attachment admin2014-05-128 / 20082014-05-23 05:58by georgieee
  Weekly Updates on 20th May Attachment admin2014-05-203 / 44522014-05-22 06:13by Storm
  hey josephtheboss2014-05-200 / 9082014-05-20 14:24by josephtheboss
  MS Rank, Kiubi appeared(Single) Attachment admin2014-05-200 / 16312014-05-20 01:14by admin
  Hulk rank, gain bountiful Golden equip materials (Single) Attachment admin2014-05-200 / 19012014-05-20 01:12by admin
  pet attack +9 Attachment bigsmoke2014-05-190 / 7202014-05-19 00:53by bigsmoke
  A Series of New Server Events for UTC13 Attachment   1 2 3 4 5 admin2014-04-2247 / 84452014-05-19 00:32by Fightking
  Game Support Job klint282014-05-141 / 11112014-05-18 20:41by mindfreek89
  Word of relic Juminems2014-05-150 / 7522014-05-15 23:04by Juminems
  No rewards yet +9 attack pet UTC S13 Arlaune Attachment earl212014-05-150 / 7242014-05-15 18:57by earl21
  No rewards yet +8 weapon UTC-S13 Attachment Camille092014-05-141 / 7842014-05-15 18:35by earl14th
  Razor rank (single) for goddess tears (exchange for skill gem of own class) Attachment admin2014-05-131 / 23902014-05-13 15:29by Nestea
  【Announcement】OQ New Server -UTC14– Going Live! admin2014-05-126 / 12852014-05-13 07:51by spring
  Weekly Update on 13th May Attachment admin2014-05-133 / 42432014-05-13 06:52by Teawyn
  Odin Quest——Gold Equipment mangopopo2014-04-291 / 41072014-05-13 03:08by beruks
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