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View the details of the New Server Events (Don't miss the chance!) and seize the chance to have yourself a leg up!

102152NEW DUNGEONSby killerbr - 2015-02-02 20:14

Odin Quest Weekly Maintenance Update Log

Server maintenance notice, events updating and bug fixing.

811Biscuit manby Angelis - 2014-02-14 07:39


Happy marriage system released!


Gamebox Star Issue I---A Real Xortoth


New Server Events


Top TreasureHunt Rank for Bountiful Champion Medal

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News and Event

SubjectAuthorReply/checklast post
  【Announcement】OQ New Server -UTC13– Going Live! admin2014-04-222 / 16602014-05-02 14:01by Killios
  Heaven’s Gate Attachment mangopopo2014-04-293 / 31332014-05-01 09:51by VictorBolt
  S26 GS DarkSins2014-04-300 / 7772014-04-30 12:21by DarkSins
  wahhh andrei122014-04-291 / 9042014-04-29 22:05by Vaki
  【Announcement】OQ New Server -PST29– Going Live! admin2014-04-290 / 10562014-04-29 19:22by admin
  A Series of New Server Events for pst28 Attachment   1 2 3 4 mangopopo2014-04-0833 / 83432014-04-29 10:06by marcyne
  First to pass the Finish Line in Unicorn Race! (All Servers&Single Server) Attachment admin2014-04-221 / 14282014-04-29 07:57by roppan0001
  The Crystal Maze, wonderful gift for staying online Attachment mangopopo2014-04-290 / 18072014-04-29 02:07by mangopopo
  Light Holy Fire for Blaze Pack & Exp Rain Attachment mangopopo2014-04-290 / 12702014-04-29 02:01by mangopopo
  Top the Hulk Rank Attachment mangopopo2014-04-290 / 15262014-04-29 01:52by mangopopo
  Weekly Updates 29th April 2014 Attachment mangopopo2014-04-290 / 38012014-04-29 01:26by mangopopo
  Stay online to obtain bountiful rewards! Attachment admin2014-04-221 / 22392014-04-28 16:33by kaseo
  Odin’s Secret Quest: Devil Messenger Legend Attachment mangopopo2014-04-225 / 42732014-04-23 19:54by nxlongth
  Weekly Maintenance Update Log (April 22th) Attachment admin2014-04-225 / 36512014-04-23 15:57by Juminems
  Collect letters and Shamrocks to obtain the Big Bonuses Attachment admin2014-04-221 / 27262014-04-22 22:43by andrei12
  Server Merge Notice! (utc3 and utc4~7, utc8 and utc9) mangopopo2014-04-211 / 18852014-04-22 07:13by Storm
  Happy Lottery, make great fortune over sec! Attachment admin2014-04-221 / 23602014-04-22 05:05by Timmay
  Top Benediction Score (Single servers) Attachment admin2014-04-220 / 16072014-04-22 00:18by admin
  Top magic razor rank for awesome rewards. (Single Server) Attachment admin2014-04-220 / 14782014-04-22 00:05by admin
  World Boss monsterGM roppan00012014-04-204 / 12312014-04-21 22:24by roppan0001
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