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View the details of the New Server Events (Don't miss the chance!) and seize the chance to have yourself a leg up!

102152NEW DUNGEONSby killerbr - 2015-02-02 20:14

Odin Quest Weekly Maintenance Update Log

Server maintenance notice, events updating and bug fixing.

811Biscuit manby Angelis - 2014-02-14 07:39


Happy marriage system released!


Gamebox Star Issue I---A Real Xortoth


New Server Events


Top TreasureHunt Rank for Bountiful Champion Medal

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News and Event

SubjectAuthorReply/checklast post
  Duel Reward NhanBe2015-01-081 / 9772015-01-27 02:34by Drizzt
  Weekly Updates for 20th Jan Attachment mangopopo2015-01-201 / 34192015-01-20 13:44by Drizzt
  Weekly Updates for 13th Jan Attachment mangopopo2015-01-133 / 40062015-01-14 00:41by Otheli
  Weekly Updates for 6th Jan Attachment mangopopo2015-01-063 / 39592015-01-06 18:38by Missylee
  Weekly Updates for 30th Dec Attachment mangopopo2014-12-295 / 39512015-01-02 10:46by Mordecai
  Do not forget the Jan Box! Drizzt2014-12-311 / 8652015-01-01 04:58by Drizzt
  Weekly Updates for 23th Dec Attachment mangopopo2014-12-231 / 35182014-12-23 14:42by Drizzt
  new server Otheli2014-12-190 / 9882014-12-19 11:02by Otheli
  Weekly Updates for 16th Dec Attachment mangopopo2014-12-167 / 50392014-12-16 08:58by rebelbaby
  OQ BIGGEST MESS UP msevil882014-12-160 / 8132014-12-16 08:09by msevil88
  Soldier race rank until 15th Dec Attachment mangopopo2014-12-140 / 16322014-12-14 22:41by mangopopo
  Weekly Updates for 9th Dec Attachment mangopopo2014-12-090 / 32362014-12-09 05:18by mangopopo
  New site setup spring2014-12-080 / 8412014-12-08 12:16by spring
  cant log in Attachment Hrisi2014-12-051 / 9942014-12-05 11:15by Sendil
  Weekly Updates for 2rd Dec Attachment mangopopo2014-12-023 / 39962014-12-04 10:47by Drizzt
  told ya so loren Attachment cloudnine2014-12-023 / 9772014-12-02 08:13by cloudnine
  Weekly Updates for 18h Nov Attachment mangopopo2014-11-186 / 47702014-11-25 02:32by Arrow
  Weekly Updates for 25h Nov Attachment mangopopo2014-11-242 / 39612014-11-25 01:30by Pandora80
  Weekly Updates for 11h Nov Attachment mangopopo2014-11-116 / 61042014-11-18 01:41by TopGamersdotcom
  Weekly Updates for 23th Sep Attachment   1 2 mangopopo2014-09-2214 / 171902014-11-18 01:29by Pandora80
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