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View the details of the New Server Events (Don't miss the chance!) and seize the chance to have yourself a leg up!

102152NEW DUNGEONSby killerbr - 2015-02-02 20:14

Odin Quest Weekly Maintenance Update Log

Server maintenance notice, events updating and bug fixing.

811Biscuit manby Angelis - 2014-02-14 07:39


Happy marriage system released!


Gamebox Star Issue I---A Real Xortoth


New Server Events


Top TreasureHunt Rank for Bountiful Champion Medal

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News and Event

SubjectAuthorReply/checklast post
  Benediction Rank Attachment mangopopo2014-08-190 / 15542014-08-19 02:45by mangopopo
  Weekly Updates for 12th Aug Attachment mangopopo2014-08-111 / 44782014-08-12 02:09by beruks
  Monster Rank(all servers+single server) Attachment mangopopo2014-08-122 / 15772014-08-12 01:45by Sorchia
  Withdraw GL to get Rebate, Try your luck! Attachment mangopopo2014-08-120 / 10132014-08-12 01:18by mangopopo
  MS rank (single server) Attachment mangopopo2014-08-120 / 12492014-08-12 01:14by mangopopo
  BellaDonna (Sonia T. Azevedo) Attachment bellatnaMALAKE2014-08-083 / 11522014-08-11 23:59by Majikera
  BIG update for skin area of shop and VIP shop Attachment mangopopo2014-08-052 / 13802014-08-07 16:48by beruks
  Weekly Updates for 5th Aug Attachment mangopopo2014-08-055 / 75812014-08-05 05:27by chubaka
  Razor rank Attachment mangopopo2014-08-052 / 12822014-08-05 02:18by mangopopo
  The Crystal Maze Attachment mangopopo2014-08-050 / 11112014-08-05 01:53by mangopopo
  Treasure Rank Attachment mangopopo2014-08-050 / 13102014-08-05 01:47by mangopopo
  Unicorn Race Attachment mangopopo2014-08-050 / 11492014-08-05 01:43by mangopopo
  Weekly Updates for 29th July Attachment mangopopo2014-07-283 / 23142014-07-31 04:06by Majikera
  Server Merge Notice! (utc13 and utc14, PST18~20 and PST21~24,PST28 and PST29) admin2014-06-236 / 16712014-07-29 01:32by NiteCreature
  tay online to obtain bountiful rewards! Attachment mangopopo2014-07-280 / 14842014-07-28 23:47by mangopopo
  Treasure hunt(single sever + all severs) Attachment mangopopo2014-07-280 / 11002014-07-28 23:38by mangopopo
  【Announcement】OQ New Server -PST31– Going Live! Attachment mangopopo2014-07-222 / 17212014-07-28 23:36by shane01
  MS rank (Singleserver) Attachment mangopopo2014-07-280 / 11122014-07-28 23:26by mangopopo
  +7 S31-warflare Attachment 7stick2014-07-270 / 10202014-07-27 16:46by 7stick
  GS for PST S8-S17 Meltonious2014-07-250 / 5742014-07-25 16:47by Meltonious
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