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  August 22nd - Class Wars Return! anyb0dy2013-08-200 / 10082013-08-20 19:25by anyb0dy
  socket rods tomahawkbee2013-08-180 / 11112013-08-18 08:20by tomahawkbee
  wings tomahawkbee2013-08-161 / 9862013-08-16 08:22by tomahawkbee
  [Announcement] S3&S4 Server Merger on Aug. 16th anyb0dy2013-08-081 / 18392013-08-16 01:10by anyb0dy
  [Events] Wartune August Events Preview! anyb0dy2013-07-290 / 174562013-07-29 23:28by anyb0dy
  world boss hit points tomahawkbee2013-07-130 / 12972013-07-13 11:22by tomahawkbee
  power tomahawkbee2013-07-120 / 12712013-07-12 15:32by tomahawkbee
  [Events] Wartune July Events Preview! Attachment anyb0dy2013-07-023 / 139652013-07-12 04:21by myo
  [Announcement] Unscheduled Maintenance on Tuesday anyb0dy2013-07-010 / 11102013-07-01 03:21by anyb0dy
  [Events] Limited Payment Pack anyb0dy2013-06-280 / 10322013-06-28 00:28by anyb0dy
  [Events] Wartune New Server S4---Titan Events Review Bella2013-06-131 / 33842013-06-27 19:38by ktn.myo91
  [Announcemnt] Preview for the upcoming 1.61 Version Attachment Bella2013-06-065 / 53432013-06-19 09:26by cloudstrife
  [Announcement] Wartune new server Titan will launch on June 19th!! Bella2013-06-130 / 57102013-06-13 20:01by Bella
  Wartune BIG VERSION 1.61 update announcement!! Bella2013-06-081 / 53872013-06-12 19:30by badangelboy
  [Events] Wartune June Events Review! Bella2013-06-040 / 224972013-06-04 01:50by Bella
  [Events] Wartune May Events Review! Attachment Bella2013-05-011 / 126582013-05-09 21:01by StrangerMinds
  [Announcement] Weekly Maintenance Finished Bella2013-05-020 / 8932013-05-02 01:08by Bella
  [Announcement] Compensation for S2 Login and Guide Battle Issues Attachment anyb0dy2013-04-239 / 18712013-04-25 18:46by Bella
  【Announcement】PlaySpan Recharging Channel Released after System Updating Attachment Bella2013-04-230 / 14182013-04-23 01:38by Bella
  [Announcement] Wartune new server Sparta will launch on April 23th!! Attachment Bella2013-04-210 / 21942013-04-21 23:54by Bella
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