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  There Is a Violence in the Phrases Grab JessicaClayton2016-10-160 / 1042016-10-16 07:06by JessicaClayton
  Warning the Rest of This Article JessicaClayton2016-10-150 / 1022016-10-15 16:47by JessicaClayton
  We Pray for His Family He Said in a Statement JessicaClayton2016-10-150 / 762016-10-15 15:30by JessicaClayton
  Could Republicans Still Dump Trump JessicaClayton2016-10-150 / 852016-10-15 12:13by JessicaClayton
  Will Not Be Voting for Him Since JessicaClayton2016-10-150 / 902016-10-15 11:37by JessicaClayton
  I See Her Shes Now Got the JessicaClayton2016-10-150 / 872016-10-15 08:54by JessicaClayton
  EFC Worldwide 54 Live Stream JessicaClayton2016-10-150 / 762016-10-15 04:27by JessicaClayton
  The Women Dont Know What Will Happen JessicaClayton2016-10-150 / 702016-10-15 01:22by JessicaClayton
  To Al Jazeera on the Condition of Anonymity JessicaClayton2016-10-140 / 1022016-10-14 14:46by JessicaClayton
  We Also Thought That Boko Haram Would JessicaClayton2016-10-130 / 952016-10-13 14:14by JessicaClayton
  Workers Are Also a Little Afraid of the Women JessicaClayton2016-10-120 / 842016-10-12 15:37by JessicaClayton
  Amira Says She Helped Her Husband Do Jihad JessicaClayton2016-10-120 / 792016-10-12 14:49by JessicaClayton
  Boko Haram Fighters Fled Leaving JessicaClayton2016-10-090 / 1182016-10-09 13:00by JessicaClayton
  Esther 19 Knew Her Husband JessicaClayton2016-10-090 / 792016-10-09 12:27by JessicaClayton
  A Force of 15000 Personnel Mainly JessicaClayton2016-10-090 / 822016-10-09 09:08by JessicaClayton
  Targeted Military Personnel Who JessicaClayton2016-10-090 / 812016-10-09 08:30by JessicaClayton
  The Mujaheddin Bustan Albasha JessicaClayton2016-10-090 / 862016-10-09 07:25by JessicaClayton
  He Said Would Refuse to Go to a Homophobic JessicaClayton2016-10-080 / 852016-10-08 15:44by JessicaClayton
  Peace Prize Laureate and Anti apartheid JessicaClayton2016-10-080 / 722016-10-08 12:43by JessicaClayton
  Considered Joining the Conservative Party JessicaClayton2016-10-080 / 602016-10-08 11:50by JessicaClayton
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