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Subject: M3RCY's guide to excel options. [Print this page]

Author: M3RCY    Time: 2014-10-20 02:01     Subject: M3RCY's guide to excel options.

Damage Reduction +4% - Reduces the amount of damage taken equal to 4% of the enemy's damage inflicted upon you.

Max HP +4% - Increases your maximum health points so can withstand damage longer.

Max Mana +4% - increases your maximum mana pool.

Defense Success Rate +10% - increases the rate of which your defense works

Damage Reflection +5% - Reflects damage equal to 5% of the damage your enemy inflicts upon you, per item

Gold obtained when monster is killed +40% - Increases the amount of gold you get per drop

Those are the basics of Excel items in-game, Now for the fun part for you guys, i have gone and made the effort of making a tool for you guys so you can see the advantages of each excel item that you equip, This will help you to get the best items possible for the build that you want to make without having to test for yourselves and waste money.

PLEASE NOTE: I have not added the 'Gold Excel rate' as the amount of gold dropped is random to each map you enter.

See attachments for screenshot and the file for the tool (you will need Winrar to open the folder and Microsoft Excel to use the file.}

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