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Subject: Tarsis [Print this page]

Author: MaxSteel    Time: 2015-01-10 03:14     Subject: Tarsis


I got the card Tarsis yesterday and it does not work as described. Upon dying the 3rd time, it should do Inferno 6 which deals 6 damage to all other creatures and heroes, but it simply does nothing. Can you please fix this?

Author: Malucifer    Time: 2015-01-10 18:21     Subject:

Hello Max Steel,

         I have reported the issue with Tarsis and hopefully it will be fixed soon. It will require a maintenance and the fix implemented. Sorry about that =(

Community Manager

Author: MaxSteel    Time: 2015-01-13 05:45     Subject:

Thanks, for better understanding I produced a video of the bug mentionned and send it to the support:
Author: Balinda    Time: 2015-01-13 18:40     Subject: Hello all

It will be fixed within a few days. Please look forward.
Thanks for your concern.

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