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Subject: Odin Quest annunciation false [Print this page]

Author: FaLcoNs27    Time: 2015-02-21 19:50     Subject: Odin Quest annunciation false

Odin Quest is amazing MMORPG, boasting of stunning graphics, outstanding gameplay, ability to choose characters from different class with different skills and abilities. Team battles, PVP battles, World Boss battles, Cross server battles, the game also had quest system that will never let you get bored.

1. PVP & PVE Battles

Game allows you to join team battles but open maps allow Player vs Player matches .
Author: rosediana    Time: 2015-02-22 17:59     Subject: cry more!!!!

yeah odin quest its amazing game.. but if u cant follow the rules and keep against the rules and attitude like kid
and keep crying for what? lol cry more falcon hahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahah

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