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Subject: Cross-platform Card RPG "Pantheon Legend" is coming in hot! [Print this page]

Author: admin    Time: 2013-08-15 02:32     Subject: Cross-platform Card RPG "Pantheon Legend" is coming in hot!

***Pantheon Legend is a cross-platform game which you could play both on PC and iOS devices. Enjoy the great adventure any time, any where!***

Have you ever dreamed of fighting alongsidethe mythical heroes of old?
Peace has been shattered in the realm ofthe gods and it is now up to you to recover the four missing gems of elementalforce.

Who will you be? Zeus - the God of Gods whowatches over the mortal realm or Arthur - the King of Kings who was destined tolead mankind? The earth is shaking and the gods of the sea and wind areroaring! The huge serpent of doom has locked the world in a savagestranglehold… In such a bleak world, your choices alone can change fateforever. Rise to the challenge or flee in defeat… Hurry up and lead the eternalheroes of the universe in their struggle! Write the history of the world in theblood of your enemies and fight for glory and honor!

● Detailed environments, furious battles!
● Athena, King Arthur, Thor… A collection of gods and demons from every corner of time andspace!
● 9 classes with unique skills andhundreds of cards to collect!
● 4-grade evolution and in-depthcultivation allow you to develop your ultimate hero cards!
● 160 main stages, classic instances andevent instances, all of which are designed to challenge your tactical prowess!
● Found an enemy you can’t defeat? Don’t worry, make analliance with your friends and overcome the toughest missions together!
● Earn amazing log-in gifts every day andinvite your friends to earn more Crystals!

Welcome to Pantheon Legend. Write a legendof your own!

Our Promise: We respect all comments andsuggestions from our players, and will never change the core principles of thegame at will. Making players happy will always be our goal!
If you like our game, please feel free to tell us your ideas. We are looking forward to your suggestions!

Download iOS version:
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