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Subject: North America server DOWN AGAIN [Print this page]

Author: GUARDIANS    Time: 2016-04-02 16:45     Subject: North America server DOWN AGAIN

NA server down 4 days now we lost 20 days from the last month. Fix your database with your BIG problem guys , and give 1 month VIP to all your players. Give a announcement what is going on the NA server is over? Me and my corp we spend 7 000 $ for the game we wait answers for that behavior, if you be treated like that you still have games on GAMEBOX you destroy your credibility of all your games not only from the GROUND WAR TANKS , you will lose all your members from all the games you have. Can you Prove us If you are a professional company, personal i send you email, to your all emails, i have already report everything with photos and videos from your server and i do not take answers from no one, the correct answer is without report for the server to give us a announcement , (i give you 1 month VIP+free xp+ GOLD,Sorry for the inconvenience the server is up.) But you make us to send you thousands emails and topics to your forum, post to your facebook official page and group page, and you still run the server without people to take money from the last players!!!
My nick name is 1966GATE-13-.

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Author: nitrofever    Time: 2016-04-04 08:46     Subject:

they fooked up this game,i want refund or loads of gold,when they not i quit end of this week

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