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Subject: WALKTHROUGH & TIPS: Freedman I - Citizen VII [Print this page]

Author: Thanat0s    Time: 2013-12-21 18:28     Subject: WALKTHROUGH & TIPS: Freedman I - Citizen VII

Follow the in-game tutorial until you can freely choose your own actions.  Get your beginner's code from the link at the left and then under the shop button click gift card and put in your code for free stuff.  Make sure you click your online and login reward, and donation on the left.  Now open up all the chests that you may have in your inventory section then go to the gladiator section and put any equipment you may have on Lee Francois.  Go to the quest section, click accept for any available so you don't waste gladiator energy needlessly.

1.  Hall:  This is where you'll come to level up all your buildings. You can only level other places equal to the level of your hall so I suggest getting this to level 11 or so early on.
2.  Base School:  At level 1 this place only garners you a 9 percent training bonus but increases as you level it up.  Getting it to level 11 will allow you to place 2 gladiators in there to gain xp for 4 hours while you sleep or are offline.
3.  Farm:  Start by planting some more crops at your farm.  There will likely be an arrow guiding you towards speeding up the process for that first crop you planted for a hefty 49 gems.  Simply click the X at the top right and get out of there then come back; it won't ask the 2nd time and you can put those coins to better use.  Needless to say, fill the rest of the available spots up with the plants of your choice; I suggest the Peppermint you got in the starter kit which will garner you 20K in gold each in 4 hrs.  Note: You'll want to level this up to level 10 to garner you additional crop space as well as plant better stuff.
4.  Camp:  Pretty simple, the higher the level the more donation you get as well as the max number of gladiators you can accomodate.  You'll begin by having a max of 3 gladiators.
5.  Smithy:  One of the most important locations, but cannot be upgraded it would seem for quite some time.  Regardless this is where you'll enhance your items, add stones to the inlay, as well as craft new items from component chest parts.  As a suggestion, never enhance basic equipment, you'll get better stuff through the quest rewards.  Don't use stones to level up any of the level 1 equipment, save it for the level 10 and higher.  Let's begin by leveling up any of Lee's "Warlord" equipment.  Level it up to about level 9.  I've noticed that you tend to gain more successes if you go from one item to the next rather than picking one item and continually clicking enhance on that single item.   

Start working Lee through the various fights in the Northern Forest at the "Normal" level until you've cleared the area.  Ensure any new weapons and armor you get along the way gets equipped and upgraded immediately.  Don't forget about adding any stones to the inlay if you have them.  Note: I tend to upgrade my "Home" buildings while i'm upgrading the equipment since you're there already.  So just go back and forth till you get them all to 9.  You may end up becoming Citizen I and unlocking the "A New Hope" quest as well as unlock the Sicilian quests along the way.  You can mess with that later, keep working the Northern Forest till you've completely cleared it however.

Put those 40 energy to good use and start clearing Sicilia.  Ensure you're completing the quests and accepting the new ones.  You'll notice that many of the equipment rewards you receive are "Warlord" ones meant for a barbarian.  Keep going with Lee, even when your energy runs out.  When you're at 0 just go to the next fight and it'll ask you if you want to recharge, go ahead and clear it out as well as finish up any of the quests in the area that are left.

1.  Tavern:  Obviously this is where you come to procure new gladiators.  Your first goal will be to procure 1 gladiator of each type: Secutor, Barbarian, and Dimachaerus.  ONLY purchase them if they are at least 3 stars and age 20 or less.  The reason for this is because the more stars they have the more potential they have for learning and after the age of 30 they become more expensive to train.  You should note that you can spend 100 coins to refresh the list, however if it's close to the reset time already just wait it out.  Yes I'm miserly.  If you happen to find a better gladiator than the one you already have for example you got a 28 year old 3 star who's level 8 and they have a 17 year old 5 star who's level 1 and your slots are already full, use all the energy from the one you currently have with collection quests or meeting your colliseum quota then remove their armor, sell them, and replace them with the new guy before the tavern resets.  Use your gems to reset the tavern if you haven't found anyone to your liking.
2.  Colliseum:  You can compete in the PvP rankings here.  Just click on the Arena Manager and select the character you wish to fight with.  I'd suggest Lee until you get the other guys leveled up a bit and their equipment upgraded.  Besides, one of the Daily Chores is competing in 10 fights and winning atleast 5.  Note that you should pay close attention to the opponent you may face, level or star rating isn't the best way of determining whether you should fight them.  I've seen level 1 gladiators with a 1 star rating kick the crap out of a level 6 or so merely because they are wearing warlord armor at level 20.  When you click the little fight button with them hover over their picture and some of their stats will come up, if they are atleast a little less than your own go ahead with the fight, otherwise just skip to the next higher guy in the chain till you find one you can beat.
3.  Training Hall:  Now finally, go ahead and complete the "New Hope" quest by training one of your guys.  As a suggestion, don't waste precious training materials and costs on 3 star gladiators unless that's all you got and only those who are still young.  Also why waste energy points, use guys who are already sitting at 0 energy to train and use the guys with full energy for the quests.

1.  Home:  Head back to your home and start upgrading your buildings again.  As they have time and cost requirements, you'll want to do this simultaneously with the next step.
2.  Equip your new gladiators, and upgrade all your gladiators equipment (Only the Warlard Stuff, not basic).  Again don't forget about any stones you have for the inlays get it all up to about level 9.  
3.  Skill Training:  Skill books are extremely important and shouldn't be wasted on "temporary" gladiators.  Only use them on your 4 and 5 star gladiators that you plan on keeping for a while.  So to get them their skills simply click on the gladiator button then pick the gladiator you want to gain a skill.  Click strategy and skills tab and click one of the empty boxes.  Note regardless of how many skills your guy has, he can only use 3 in battle.  You can also change the strategy as new ones become available as you level up.  I tend to stick to the basic blessing but it's all personal choice and how you train your particular gladiator.
4.  Get Paid:  Ensure you're opening all your chests in your inventory, as well as picking up any of your donations or chore rewards etc.  Depending on how long you've been playing now, you may be able to harvest those amazing 20K plants.
5.  Complete any of the Main Quests that you qualify for given your citizen ranking.  By recruiting those gladiators earlier you will have also completed the Cataline quest.

Take one of your new level 1 gladiators there, preferrably a barbarian or secutor as you'll already have the enhanced equipment for them.  Don't worry about the level of the enemies.  So long as you've enhanced their armor they should be plenty good enough to beat the first enemy which will level them up some and allow you to buy a skill or two depending on their type.  Make sure you're accepting any new quests as you may gain citizen level 6 which means additional "collection" items in the alps as well as some of the energy / wine quests in the same area.  Basically, ensure you clear the area completely so that you don't have to come back to it later.  You should also gain some Dim Warlord equipment in this region.  The Gem Wars IV may take some time to get all of them, but it will give you an opportunity to level your other gladiators.

You should be getting into the groove of things now.  Ensure you've checked on your crops, open any chests, equip your dim with the new gear you got and start leveling it up while you upgrade the buildings at your home.  Your goal right now is to get those buildings to level 11.  Check your skillbooks and give your guys any new skills they may qualify for.  Again avoid giving skills to temp gladiators, save the books for those that are young 4 or 5 stars.  Speaking of which, check the tavern if it's been long enough and see if there's any potential recruits.

You should have 2 hero quests, one to destroy the plunderers in the northern forest and one to clear the northern forest.   Don't waste your energy refils if you don't have to.  Exhaust all current gladiator energy first then use refils only on your strongest char to finish this up.  
Day 1 Status:  Citizen 7, with my 4 star barbarian at level 7 with the other 3 at 6.  All three types of Warlord Armor obtained.  Farm finally produced my 40K.  Home Buildings at lv 5 or more.

Now that you're a brave hero, have shown quite literally that money can grow on trees, and are likely braindead from sitting in front of the computer for so long, let's wrap things up so you can get some sleep.  Fill your lowest leveled gladiators at your "Home Base School" so they can earn some xp while you're asleep.  Take your more promising gladiators to the capitol and set them up for some training.  More will be added to this as time passes.  Feel free to mail me Thanat0s on server 7.

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