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So we have had maintenence and a couple of things added, Treasure hunt and dungeon wheel.

Sorry EPIC FAIL by Developers.

Treasure hunt- You seriously expect us to spend diamonds to get rewards that are pretty much useless ?? Why would people spend to get downgrade items ??. The idea itself is good, but the rewards are gash. If you had actually thought about it and made the items available alot better, people would probably spend, Even non VIP would have the carrot dangled as it would be worth even a small purchase of diamonds to be able to get items of decent value.

Dungeon wheel - Again could of made the rewards better

Not asking you to give away uber items all the time but especially the treasure hunt should be decent, especially for the cost...I actually laughed when i saw the rewards

Bit more thought please and some decent content


Nanuk S2


I completely agree with you. Also, when are we going to see rings and necklace in game, at least at S14, nobody have such items.


i think all the servers dont have the accessories yet. lets wait for them devs and see what action plan they have in mind on when to release it.   
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