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classic games you must know

classic games you must know

playing games with nice graphics? Want to reminisce with the classic games that got excited first for free? Relax, we have a list here!

Earlier this month, Blizzard Entertainment announced their classic games, StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War is available for free for you to play. If you are not interested in StarCraft, maybe you can try 5 free classic games below.

Tribes 2 (2001)

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The first free classic game is Tribes 2. The shooter game that you can play online has once been a hit. Without a class system, this game requires you to understand the role in the team. There's even a 64vs64 feature on a single map. Hi-Rez Studios has set this game for free for you to play in 2015.

Download Tribes 2: PC- Free
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Command & Conquer (1995)

free classic games

Next there is Command & Conquer. You must know that this game has reap a lot of success in modern times. Electronic Arts or EA is what plays a big role in the success of this series. If you are curious as to what the beginning of the success of the Command & Conquer series, you can play this game for free.

Download Command & Conquer: PC - Free
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Command & Conquer: Red Alert (1996)

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The next free classic game is Command & Conquer: Red Alert. It is the second game of Command & Conquer and the first for the Red Alert series. This game takes place in a world where Albert Einstein performs a time machine that thwarted Hitler to lift the Nazis as a powerful organization.

You are required to expand into Asia and Europe as the Soviet Union before Hitler moves. In 2008, EA has allowed gamers to play this game for free as well as to promote Red Alert 3.

Download Command & Conquer: Red Alert: PC - Free

SimCity (1989)

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Next there is SimCity. The game that requires you to create a safe and secure city is the very first game for the famous series SimCity. Released for the first time Macintosh release, this game has received awards as an educational game.

Being crowned as an educational game, EA as the distributor distributed this game for free in 2008. If you're curious about how SimCity can be crowned as an educational game, try playing it now!

Download SimCity: PC - Free

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (1999)

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The last one is Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. Already have better graphics than any other Command & Conquer game, this game is set 30 years after the first Command & Conquer.

It turns out that the evil organization of the Brotherhood of Nod is still hanging around and the leader, Kane was still alive after the first Tiberium War. Your task is to stop the movement for the second time.


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