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1. The requirement of Client configuration?
Recommended Configuration of Client PC:
Memory:2G or more; CPU: 1.4GHz or higher; Flashplayer Version: 10.1 or later

2. How to login the game?
Please visit official, then click button/link named …

3. How to create a new character?
Register anew account.
Enjoy theopening CG or skip it by clicking skipbutton.
Select acharacter.
Click OK.
Finish theGreenhands-Scene within 2 minutes and name your role.

4. How to join a combat?
1)In ARENR mode, click [Quick Join] button and choose one of Team Death match/Capture the flag/Death match/Random Mode to start the combat.

2)In COMBAT mode, click any unlocked LEVEL and click [START] button to start the combat.

5. I don’t know what to do next.
If you are confused and don’t know what to do next. Please click [Mission] button at the right-bottom corner of page.
All missions you should do next will be listed on the popup window.

6. How to switch your weapons in the combat?
Press “Q” key on your keyboard

7. How to equip your character with weapons and skills?

  • Equip the weapons: Select [PRIMARY] button to open “Primary Weapon Select” window. Select the weapon which you already have or buy a new one listed on left. Then click [Equip] button to equip the weapon.

  • Skills: Skill will be unlocked after ten-level. Select [Skill] button to open popup window of “skill”. There are 4 kinds of skills and each one contains several items. You can buy new skills or equip yourself with the one you already owned.

8.  Can I change different characters in my account?
Yes. You can click [Shopping Vehicle] button to buy new characters.
In the popup window, all characters will be listed out and you can check their property. Once you own more than one character, you can switch them by tapping arrow key in the game hall.

9. What should I do if revival times are running out in “COMBAT” mode?
You can pay for more revival times

10. How to win in “Capture the flag” mode?
Cooperate with team to capture Red flag from your enemy to your Blue base place. The team which capture more flags in the limited time or captured 5 red flags first will be the winner

11. How to get “MVP”? What’s the benefit?
In ARENR mode, the top killer will be “MVP”. MVP can get all rewards doubled.

12. How to improve the winning rate of the fight?
Contain the precision marksmanship; be familiar with the maps; grasp the methods of moving; grasp the use of skills; and good teamwork.

13. Is there any factor to impact firing accuracy?
When the character moves or jumps, the accuracy will be reduced; when the character stands, the accuracy will be increased; and it’s the most accurate when the character squats.


. Is there any punishment if quit a combat before its ending?

You will get nothing from this combat. No rewards.

15. How to turn off game music and/or sound effects?
Click [Settings] button at right-bottom corner of page.
Uncheck checkbox to turn off background music or sound effects in popup window.

16. How to chat with others?
There are 3 kinds of chat mode.
Hall: You can chat with players in the game hall.
Room: Chat with others before combating after you entering a room.
Combat: Chat with others in the same combat.
All above modes support lounge and personal chat.

17. Why am I only allowedto take part in two lotteries?
Two lotteries for free aday! In addition to this, you can spend 100 Zonars for another two lotteries.What’s more, the higher your level, the more gifts your win! Don’t forget thatLog-everyday lifts the rate of winning exclusive gift!

18. Is there Parts-upgradingin game?
Arsenal, where you canresearch and manufacture different kinds of parts to equip your role andstrengthen corresponding attributes, will open when you reach Lv20.


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