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what's inside xiaomi new gaming laptop

what's inside xiaomi new gaming laptop

Xiaomi-made laptops are close to reality. After approximately one year of conversation, the Chinese gadget vendor is rumored to be preparing to release his first laptop at the end of July.

What kind of specs first laptop Xiaomi this? GizmoChina site claimed to get leaked details about the device dubbed Mi Notebook this, following a summary made   Monday (25/07/2016).

Mi Notebook will be available in two variants of screen size, which is 11 inches and 12.5 inches (13 inches). 13 inch version that will carry Full HD 1080p resolution. Both versions of the laptop screen is rumored not to support touch screen technology.

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In terms of offal hardware, Mi Notebook called carrying Intel Skylake Core i7 6500U processor with 2.5 GHz clock.

Graphics processor (GPU) integrated with its CPU, the Intel HD Graphics 520 is claimed to provide equivalent performance Nvidia GeForce 820M video card .

Xiaomi claims the GPU used Mi Notebook is able to handle 2015 output games seamlessly, as long as using the minimum display settings.

Mi Notebook brings 8 GB of RAM memory with Windows operating system 10, USB Type-C connector.

No information about the price of this Mi Notebook device. Xiaomi also has not announced whether his first laptop will also be sold outside the Chinese market


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