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[Hot Event]Consume improvement files&get better return!

[Hot Event]Consume improvement files&get better return!

Time & Duration: 00:00 01/05 - 23:59 01/06 PST
Event Server: S1 to S137

Player may get red-number(negative) from refreshing attri. by using improvement files. That's bad if it happens sometimes. But why not take a risk? We offer a chance for you now.

During the event time, players who consumes certain amount of improvement files will get better files as return as follow:
1. Consume every 25 Gold improvement files can get 1 Platinum improvement file.
2. Consume every 15 Platinum improvement files can get 1 Diamond improvement file.
3. Consume every 10 Diamond improvement files can get 1 Supreme improvement file.
4. Consume every 10 Supreme improvement files can get 2 Supreme improvement files.
PS: Before and after screenshots are required.

1. Player needs to CONTACT GM to claim the files rebate by providing nickname/server name.
2. The event reward will be valid until 23:59 01/07 PST, please claim it in time.
3. The number of improvement files that player consumes is rounded. For example, if player consumes 63 gold improvement files, he can claim 2 Platinum improvement files as rebate.
4. GW Team reserves all rights of holding this event.

Best Regards
GW Team


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