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can not log into game with facebook account



Hello all I would like to ask why cant ppl with facebook log in we cant enjoy the game and now with the new update your site is really buggy  and most likely be pissed off and cant get into our accounts and its not our PC or Net its your site and we want ans. on why we cant log into our accounts for the game so plz fix it all we ask of u GM or the tech team


unable to log in

I cannot login, it give me report/history, and I tried to login with FB and still same thing..???


Log-in issues

I usually log-in through my facebook login but now i can't log in is there something special i have to do??


teleport not work

help plss i just buy 7day VIP card but the teleport system is not work,
when teleport anywhere she always, ask me to buy some little wing lol..
some 1 help me fix it plss
server: AsBringer s2
Ign    ; NuRnAwIrA


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Dear  NuRnAwIrA ,
We have got your question from in-game help. We will follow it there and inform you when we find out the problem. Please don't worry.
Meanwhile, this thread tells all the players to post your question in Customer Service this section, not this thread. We may not provide prompt support if you submit question in this thread. Hope you understand.
Have fun!

Best regards,
Gamebox Team


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