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[Fresh Monday]No one will refuse this gold rebate chance!

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[Fresh Monday]No one will refuse this gold rebate chance!

Event time: 00:00 02/12 to 23:59 02/13 (Server time)
Servers: all servers

1. First recharge player(NEVER recharge before) will get 100% of the gold amount of first payment.  
2. Single payment of 30USD will get 90 gold + 10% of "Bribe" gold cost as rebate.
3. Single payment of 60USD will get 240 gold + 20% of "Bribe" gold cost as rebate.
4. Single payment of 100USD  will get 500 gold + 30% of "Bribe" gold as rebate.
5. Single payment of 200USD or above  will get 1200 gold + 40% of "Bribe" gold cost as rebate.
PS: If the HQ level is higher than the current world level in your server, you may not use the bribe function.
1. Each type of bonus can't be stack and each player can claim for once. Player can pass all 18 campaign of the map directly by using the "Bribe" function.
2. The gold rebate will be sent to you after 72hours after the event.
3. GW Team reserves all rights of holding this event.

Best Regards
GW Team


Anti Multiple accounts with multiple emails!

I will have this conversation to denounce the players that have clone accounts and they practice a dirty game, anti fairplay.
I beg other players that they know other players with multiple accounts that should report this bad players, post the user + server + the list with the clone accounts!
In the set of servers s.39, s.41, s.43, s.62 etc there is a player of Romanian nationality, who plays with multiple accounts, thus has a very dirty advantage over the other players!
This player is JeolPetty, ser.62, before he had the account blocked for playing also with multiple accounts! His practice is to create other clone accounts or steal accounts from other high level players, he has stolen many accounts after "General War · has returned to work on FB! His method: JeolPetty has contacted GM to reactivate the accounts, as the GM only asked for the user + the server + an emai account, he inadvertently realized that he can use the users + the server BUT to use another email account (created for each of the accounts he wanted to steal) So he has more than 35 accounts in his possession, which is helping with them in World War, Alliance War, etc!

I remind you that this JeolPetty player, before, had the account / s blocked to use multiple accounts with multiple email accounts!

The list with JeolPetty accounts, stolen or clones!
ImirWooten - stolen
Navyboy -stolen
EssadGreene -stolen
MorinOrtiz -stolen
4l3x4nd3r -stolen
penny -stolen
Kosaca -stolen
Beerdrinker -stolen
Ertai - stolen
HassoGlenn - stolen
Romeo - clone
romeo.supper.s41 or .s43 - clone
romeo.supper.s39 -cloene
sharky - clone
CristianT -clone
penny - stolen
OopsieBear.s43 - stolen
elderpop - clone
Fernando - clone
1 - clone
Nr2- clone
Obama - clone
Bush- clone
Spider- clone
Batman- clone
steamJegos -clone
awelsome  - clone
LkerClarke -clone
zzzzzzzzz - clone
rrrrrr -clone
ggggg -clone
21212224 -clone
GuusCrosby -clono
MuieSteam -clono
IhorSilva  -clono
EginoMckay -clono
Mikey66 -clono
Paka_Gay -clono
Paka_gay2 -clono
KazmLamb  -clone
elite_kill - stolen
MetinRuiz  - clone
jyrkiMills- clone
JudeMills- clone

G.M. It is essential to block this account to have a clean and fairplay game!
G.M. please block these for a good performance of this great game!

p.s. I beg you, all players must report to players who play with cloned or stolen accounts! So we can enjoy this game!


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