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NVIDIA Zotac GTX 660 the quick look

NVIDIA Zotac GTX 660 the quick look

NVIDIA Zotac GTX 660 AMP is not the only  only product from NVIDIA, but the performance of this graphics card can not be underestimated. Graphics card is arguably the mainstream-performance category (Sweet Spot) because it has good performance, but still pay attention to the efficiency of power as well as with an affordable price. So surely this VGA is not more expensive than some VGA from High End class which is widely used by "moneyed" gamers.

From the name of NVIDIA Zotac GTX 660 AMP, indicates that this graphics card using Clock or Memory Clock that has been upgraded its performance (pre-OC). In the NVIDIA Clock increase to the graphics card is very significant in order to boost the default performance of GK106, with Base Core Clock frequency 1046 MHz which can increase dynamically (Boost) to 1163 MHz. For an increase in Memory Clock reaches a frequency of 600 MHz and effective GDDR5 making it possible to fully assist the performance of the graphics card performance.

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In terms of design, Zotac GTX 660 AMP has a fairly small form but is made with elegant and fierce style. Or you can say this VGA shape is still similar to the GTX 660 Ti, but 660 AMP more attractive look with a mix of black and orange dof. In addition, this VGA has been supported by Kepler GPU GK106 which has enough powerful enough to play a variety of heavy games, and as described above, the efficiency of power that can be given is also very good. For the thickness itself does not exceed two slots, and you can install it in any home CPU. NVIDIA does not forget to include a Heat pipe component that is useful for delivering heat from the GPU to the Heatsink. This component is made with copper material of choice in order to be able to channel the heat quickly. Currently most new VGA output is already equipped with Heatpipe.


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