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15th Memory Fragment Is Unfair Design - Path of Exile

15th Memory Fragment Is Unfair Design - Path of Exile

We all know how lucrative it was to get the 15th fragment early on. By the second week even the Uber elder rings were selling for 1ex each at least and disintegrator was at at least 5 ex. It is also well-known how lucrative it is to keep perma elder influence on T14+ with uber elder sitting on shaper. This is all fine since such a punishing grind should have a commensurate reward.

The problem lies in that getting the 15th frag has IMMENSE variance, some people were able to get it on their 4th-5th elder spawn or even earlier, while the rest of us are still on 20+ spawns and sitting at 14/15. These people have made INSANE profit by monopolizing the market in that time with exclusive uber elder drops (watchers eyes+the uniques) and unfairly easy red map sustain, not to mention the T16 mansions. GGG was worried about the economy impact of drop rates but all this achieves is giving a few players EXCLUSIVE privilege to monopolize the market. How is that healthy design? It doesnt even matter if you are nolifing the elder spawns, because it might take you weeks to get him on T15 while some random player gets it on his/her first spawn.

In my opiniom, I feel like the variance is too big. You can't really do more than just get as many tier 15's are you can, which is 3 and even then its 3/20 chance where he ofcourse spawns on a tier 14 instead.

There is nothing you can do but to keep trying, keep buying maps and keep grinding. My friend got his t15 elder on his 2nd try after we got our 14th fragment together. Meanwhile I am on 15-20 elders in with no tier 15 one and I am really enjoying how my friend is getting 5, 15, 25, 40 ex elder jewels while I am washing money down the drain because untill you get that influence you can't sustain t14's.

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