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Path of Exile: How To Leveling Up A Ranger?

Path of Exile: How To Leveling Up A Ranger?

Packs take 2-3 hits with my current setup and it feels incredible slow. Izaro took a while to go down as well. Tornado, Ice and Split arrow seems to have really low damage and stuff takes a while to kill. Let's learn the whole story and get cheap PoE orbs buy from Purchase your virtual currency or goods service from the market-leading platform -!

Use a meginords belt aswell since you are scaling physical. Change your links. You are mostly scaling ele dmg but the only ele you have is 50% of your phys to lightning. You would get more dmg out of mirage archer - faster attacks - added cold/added lightning - pierce - gmp setup.

Generally when i level bows i use lightning arrow/tornado shot and then barrage in my tabula chest. I usually use tempest and then added lightning abyssal jewels but your bow is fine. You just have to be building generic project dmg instead of ele damage if you don't have any elemental damage.
▶ For tempest i go Lightning arrow - GMP - WED - Added lightning - mirrage archer - barrage.
▶ Probably drop the wed/added lightning for pierce/slower proj/added cold/crit.
▶ I usually just use a thiefs torment ring for leveling bows.

If you have 30-40c, here a recepi.
▶ Stormcloud -> the tempest Wondertrap -> wake of destruction Tabula Lochtonial caress -> ondars clasp -> tombfist Goldrim -> asenath’s mark Blackheart -> elreon ring -> praxis -> thief’s torment Karui ward Hyrri’s bite Darkness enthroned
▶ Now take all jewel sockets along your way, and buy abyss jewels with lightning damage to bow attacks, you can get them from lvl 1, the movement speed stat on them is quite nice as well. These will carry you.
▶ In tabula : split arrow, onslaught, mirage archer, elemental damage with weapons, added cold, added lightning.
▶ Run wrath and herald of ice.
▶ Voila, youre on Maps.
▶ Sell tabula, the tempest and jewels and this has cost you max 10 c


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