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Path Of Exile Will Be Expanding In A Week Or So With The War For The Atlas

Path Of Exile Will Be Expanding In A Week Or So With The War For The Atlas

Last week was a huge one for poe trade currency with the launch of War for the Atlas. The expanded content brings a whole new level of challenge to end-game players. We sat down with Grinding Gear's Chris Wilson to ask about the launch and what may be coming next.

Grinding Gear Games has sent word that the latest content expansion to Path of Exile will officially launch later today. Called War for the Atlas, new content is tailored for high-end players and brings thirty-two randomized maps to the game, new challenges and rewards and much more.

Path of Exile will be expanding in a week or so with the War for the Atlas. As The Elder begins to heavily influence the map, he manifests himself and creates an Elder Guardian. In this latest video, The Enslaver is previewed in one of the battles players will take part in.
I don't know if it'd kill Uber Elder or something, but it should be able to do everything else I'm sure if you worked at it. poe exalted orb Maybe some poison? Should be able to stack ridiculous with Multistrike and the sheer number of skeles. Minions are insane.

I don't even think minions got updated to the new poison base values... I remember I looked at one guys profile of his poison animator in Harbinger, compared it to my elemental version... he had 10k ES with ES% and Minion Damage% on every jewel (which was a LOT of jewels) and it still did worse damage than elemental version with 20 stack wither. And his poison DPS per weapon was lower than the initial hit DPS, even when I changed his chest to Dendrobate for 100% poison chance.


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