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Them Run Out Poe Items For Trade

Them Run Out Poe Items For Trade

I think he meant that the fight would have ended before his flasks even run out, but the phase make them run out. Sure the adds refill them but idk if that was his point. 100% this. The big scorpion fight whatever its called... I can kill it in 5 secs but i fght it 2 minutes and almost die to some random hit while the boss is still invulnerable.

No, that's downright broken, if you let that happen people poe currency cheap will just finish off the boss everytime it goes in a phase. I'm all for faster animations and less downtime for these bosses, but phases where you're out of danger but you're free to burst it down is a fucking dumb idea.
you're talking to the company that designed the malachai and gruthkul fight. their thing is a whole bunch of shades of the same color clusterfucked in a tiny location.

It was changed before the league started because everybody on Reddit was posting step-by-step guides to getting 5 perfect affix poe items. They had to put out a Manifesto explaining it since it wouldn't be intuitive.


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