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This Time Around I'm Trying To Go Permanent Elder in PoE

This Time Around I'm Trying To Go Permanent Elder in PoE

I'm sure the average user of this subreddit knows already that Essences override meta crafting mods like Tora's "Suffixed cannot be changed." However, I didn't know that until just now. I learned the hard way. Don't forget to from to poe currency trade, which is the best choice for poe trade currency services on the market!

I didn't play in Essence, and have done very little crafting using Essences since that time. I also have actually never once used any of the Masters' meta crafting mods. I don't even get most of my masters to 8 before I stop playing most leagues. Today for 3 exalts I bought a 0-prefix 3-suffix Shaped Diamond Ring with about 370 accuracy, 20% crit multi from an essence craft, and Curse enemies with Level 12 Assassin's Mark on hit. With crafted life, it was already a strict upgrade to the Shaped ring I had been wearing for a while to go with my Mark of the Elder.

When I paid 2 exalts to craft Tora's "Suffixed cannot be changed" onto the ring, I actually did know that i could use beast crafting to put life on it safely and hope for a higher value than Elreon's crafts could give me. However, I decided I would rather get the guaranteed extra DPS from a Deafening Essence of Contempt. And that's the story of how I spent 5 exalts and 14 chaos (for the Essence) today just to brick an item that I was happily using for most of the day. It feels pretty bad, but I definitely learned a lesson I won't soon forget.

That sounds like a good plan, IIQ can definitely help. I got lucky this league and was able to find/craft a 400~ pdps 6L bow and crafted a 450 dps foil (380pdps). I was able to sell that bow for 6ex (because bad base). Then I did a Red Elder and got a Double Clarity watcher's eye, so that's another 4ex.

Long story short, I got lucky, because everything is RNG. I didn't do anything "special" to get what I found other than playing, a lot. Maybe you have some very valuable beasts in your Menagerie you might want to check that out.


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