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[Birthday Event]Please receive your birthday gifts, commander!

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[Birthday Event]Please receive your birthday gifts, commander!

Event time: Long-term event
Servers: all servers

Dear commanders, Happy Birthday! We are offering the new Birthday gifts for you. From now on, player who is birthday in the specific month can contact GM to claim the unique Birthday gift for free!
Gift one: 100% Recharge Rebate
In the player's birth day, player have one chance to get 100% recharge rebate for one single payment. Each player can claim it for once in the Birthday month(MAX 10000 GOLD REBATE).
Gift two: Birthday Box
This will be a gift box that contains gold, improvement files, buildup roar etc., everyone deserves to have a happy brithday!
PS: Higher member player will get better birthday gift.
1. Each player needs to contact GM and provide the birth day(1980-04-10) to claim the birthday box for once in every year.
2. Each player can get 100% recharge rebate for once only in the birthday month. Player needs to contact GM after recharge certain single payment.
3. GW Team reserves all rights of holding this event.

Happy Birthday!
GW Team


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