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Path of Exile: Crafting Basics?

Path of Exile: Crafting Basics?

To my understanding, you get something good with a high base item level, preferably shaped, and then orb of transmute to make it magic, then spam alterations until you get good mods. Once you get a good mod you regal it to make it a rare. Is that how most crafting is done?

That's the just of it for a lot of things. Trans/Alt/augment if needed/regal. If it bricks, scour and repeat. If it's successful then you really have a bunch of options. Straight slam, beastcraft, yolo anul misses, master craft/block prior to slam or scour, master craft multimod. An example from my most recent craft:

● Working on a shaped crystal belt for my LLRF guardian. 1500 alts and about 50 regals in I hit T2 ES (highest for this particular base ilvl, T1 shaped crit defense reduction, and a t1 resist. I slam T1 shaped es%. Now I have 3 perfect prefixes and 1 suffix. I Yolo slam and whiff. I master craft prefixes can't be changes and scour, left with the 3 x prefixes and no suffix. Now the fun begins.

● Normally here id master craft a shit suffix to block a bad slam but there's nothing really to block so it's time to yolo slam. I'm specifically searching for T1 ES recovery. About 50 ex later (1ex to slam, 1 more if first slam was a good mod, 2 ex to block prefixed, 1 scour, repeat) I hit my mod plus a resist.

● I master craft the final mod I want and boom, I have a BiS mirror quality item (final mod eas t3 chaos resist, bleh, good but not PERFECT so t1 x 3, t2, t3) For the total cost of around 65 ex. Overall I'd say this was fairly lucky, it could have easily cost more to slam the 4th mod. If you cannot afford to choose PoE buy Currency, you can go to U4GM. because we advocate providing the best service at the lowest price, you must not regret buying PoE Orbs cheap on this site.

There is also essence crafting, which takes a white to a rare with 1 guaranteed property. Chaos spamming a nice base is also viable. This is the only way to get GG gear without paying through the nose. You most likely arent going to find it and it's almost always cheaper to craft it yourself.


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