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Do People Actually Think This is A Good Answer/Response in PoE?

Do People Actually Think This is A Good Answer/Response in PoE?

I don’t know what the PC environment looks like, but here on console I’ve suffered bi-hourly crashes, framerates that make powerpoint look like a major motion picture, 8 bit graphics, textures and graphics that refuse to load, movement skills that lead you being stuck in walls, movement skills that desync you to a place you were 10 seconds before, in general imprecise and inconsistent inputs, dropped inputs, a bug that’s eaten at least one exalt, another bug that eats animated guardians, random disconnections from group play. If you need poe currency cheap in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.

Just to name the things I’ve experienced or can remember in the last 24 hours. Most of the groups I play with can attest to the same things so I’m not alone in my experiences. The support staff is super friendly, helpful, and kind but can shed no insight in anything I’ve mentioned above.

My goal this league was to complete the atlas. I’ve got I’ve got 3 maps left and my goal for yesterday was the Shaper. I’ve run through the guardians deathless and had a firm understanding of the fight mechanics. I also had 10k life, balanced resists, and 7 cracked-out zombies that do more than enough damage according to POB. I ran the fight 2 or 3 times. In that fight alone I died to an invisible shaper beam, invisible bullet hell, invisible floor vorticis, got stuck in a wall during a regen phase, had a crash that ate a portal and got rubber banded back into a shaper slam. Nothing like a rage inducing good time to keep a guy sane, right?

I’m pretty much convinced that either the game was horribly optimized for the Xbox One, or that the console itself is incapable of running the game in a manner that allows players to achieve top level content completion, which makes me sad. I’ve also seen zero mention of this anywhere else, and based on the .02% of people who have the Shaper achievement on XBL, someone has had to notice that there was an issue.


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