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Ways To Make Your Pure Cyclone Slayer Stronger In PoE

Ways To Make Your Pure Cyclone Slayer Stronger In PoE

Just doing a quick swoop over this, I honestly think that swapping Haste -> Hatred and Brutality -> Damage on Full Life (youre a slayer, youll be topped a lot) will help a little bit. When you are in need of poe currency, you may need to take a look at U4GM to check out the better seller. As you try to purchase Chaos Orbs PoE remember to proceed with caution, talk to online service to check out if the workers are professional.

Moving onto the tree, you're going over to get Crimson Dance but not stacking nearly enough other bleed stuff. Remove Crimson Dance and get Slaughter (axe notable to the left of Marauder) Unwavering Stance is somewhat of a wasted node because a) you have 6.4k life if you're stunned you're likely dead already and b) cannot be stunned while using Cyclone.

Items: If you're not going to 6L that axe, consider the beastcraft recipe to corrupt it to be 30% quality, this would add a nice chunk of dmg to the axe (10% increased physical LOCAL to the axe) Your gear in general is okay, but not amazing. So you get more PoE buy Currency faster.

The real issue you build has right now is that your are pure physical, non-crit. This limits your options for expanding your damage significantly. If you really want to take this build to the next level you should drop brutality and look to scale some elemental damage with a nice shaper neck / essence rings. If you want to dump a ton of cash into this I'd recommend reconfiguring to go crit, right now you're just too limited on potential ways to upgrade.


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