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Ask Canadians where they are heading for a winter break and you are most likely to hear Mexico Travis Shaw Brewers Jersey , Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Caribbean cruises. These tourist spots are quite hot among Canadians, because of their sun-soaked beaches and mildly warm climate. Industry experts agree that tourism demands for all these locations are hitting their all-time high because of the lavish accommodation, sight-seeing arrangements, and the variety of travel packages, which these destinations offer.

Mexican Coastal Resorts

In Mexico Stephen Vogt Brewers Jersey , Mayan Riviera, Cozumel on the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun, and Los Cabos on Baja Peninsula are the most popular tourist destinations. Particularly, the Yucatan has witnessed a spectacular rise in resort and hotel development because of its amazing beaches and Mayan archaeological sites such as Chichen Itza and Tulum. The Mayan Riviera is also popular as the top destination for Canadian travelers. Climbing up the popularity charts are also Puerto Vallarta and a revitalized Acapulco on the Pacific coast. In Puerto Vallarta, the destination that is gaining rapid popularity is Nuevo Vallarta, which is located at north of the old town.

Growing Golf in Cuba

Cuba was devoid of any golf culture until the famous Varadero Golf was built. After it was set up Ryan Braun Brewers Jersey , the island has just not looked back in terms of the sport?s popularity. Today, Cuba is the most sought after golf destination and is a vital attraction for the local as well as international sports lovers. Currently, the much famous Varadero Golf Club does over 32,000 rounds annually. It intends to add nine more holes to its existing facility, according to the management. A European has been given the responsibility to design the new golf site that is likely to have five holes on ocean, instead of the existing two.

Dominican Republic?s all-inclusive Packages

The growing popularity of The Dominican Republic as a tourist spot is reflected in a spectacular rise in its hotel rooms to nearly 40,000. The destination is among the favorite tourist spot for the Canadians Robin Yount Brewers Jersey , because of its all-inclusive vacations. In such packages, one up-front payment covers facilities including airfare, accommodation, unlimited alcohol, food, and resort activities like tennis and windsurfing. So much so that the popularity of the Dominion Republic?s all-inclusive packages have reached Caribbean and Mexican destinations. Canadian tourists heading to the Dominion Republic pay as low as $999 per person for an all-inclusive trip to a hotelresort situated at just 10 minutes away from Puerto Plata.

Caribbean Cruises

Even the biggest tropical storms move at snail?s pace when compared with the cruise ships, which is the biggest reason for the growing popularity of the Caribbean cruises. The nice weather of the Caribbean serves like an icing on the hot cake. Even a hurricane in the cruise?s path seems like a vacuum cleaner that sucks the moisture out of the air Paul Molitor Brewers Jersey , leaving behind bright sunny days for the tourists. Moreover, with the political uncertainties across the globe, the Canadians prefer holiday trips close to home, which is another reason contributing towards the increasing popularity of Caribbean cruises.

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