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The Top Path of Exile Tips for the Next SSF Race

The Top Path of Exile Tips for the Next SSF Race

Most of people know these, but never can be sure.. And sry my english, its not my first or even second language, but I try..

Those who are going to SSF Race, probably have first goal get to alt art demi, that means that you need to run sick maps with beyonds all the time to get highest possible exp/hour. To survive you need to make sure you are removing most of corpses from the ground. To that you can use gladiator bleed explosion, pyre ring to explode ignited enemys on death, shatter with cold dmg and minion builds just use offering skills.

AND why? only reason is the Beyond Boss called Bameth, that boss have VAAL DD and he will one shot 10k hp easy if there is corpses under your feets. But if you cant remove corpses, playing that of kind builds which use dot or something. There is ways to try to avoid bameth spawns, every single beyonds mobs have in the name that beyond boss which could spawn when you kill them.. So if mob have bameth on name, just dont kill it on pile of corpses:

And run only maps what your skills can handle, dont trust too much to build if you are not played it before and know what it can handle and what not.. Most of build guides are made by streamers/players whos have tons of played hours behind in this game. So choose build what fit best to your playstyle. Just a remind, if you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.


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